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Do you want to reduce your hiring burden. Recruit more successfully, Drive down costs and increase retention?

CreateLMS is a platform designed to help streamline the hiring process using the following approach:

In it’s simplest form a Learning and Content Management System is a tool that makes it easy for you to:

  1. Create and organise content in minutes
    – build once, use over and over to drive consistency
  2. Assign content with ease to users or groups:
    – Video, audio, presentations, quizzes, SCORM files, assessments, assignments and more
  3. Create surveys and seek responses
    – Report on these graphically etc
  4. Reporting to track adherence and compliance
    – Did they take the content in time – what were their scores/responses etc

CreateLMS hire more effectively

CreateLMS hire more effectively

With this capability and ease of use you can build superb pre-hiring pathways that remove the ‘personality/emotion’ and help you focus on your top 1-3 candidates. Today more people are chasing openings like never before. This means more CV’s to sift, greater competition which translates to more work and uncertainty for the hiring team. This is partly why AI in hiring is becoming popular – We feel that AI lacks soul and is sending a very negative message indirectly to your most important asset = PEOPLE

So…. how does Pre-hiring work within an LMS?

  1. What kind of person succeeds/thrives in your business and who fails – think why they might be a bad fit is there a patter?
  2. Lies, damn lies and monsters are told in interviews – by BOTH sides – By being honest and communicating core needs;  helping the candidate understand the attributes needed for role success and what a typical day can be like is not only refreshing it allows candidates not able to cope to withdraw earlier on in the process.
  3. What skills and competencies do you need? Can you build quizzes, assessments to test /evidence for the skills needed?
  4. We love Elon Musks method of interviewing where he asks someone to relate a similar problem/challenge and then dive into detail on how they attempted to solve. Our platform allows you to ask questions and seek free text responses. These can be used in the interview for further discussion/expansion.  It also is a great way to whittle out weak candidates.
  5. Understand high quality candidates will be screening you:    Top 5 pieces biggest considerations job seekers take into account before accepting a job offer: Salary and compensation, Career growth opportunities, Work-life balance, Location/commute, Company culture and values. (Glassdoor survey, October 2014)
    – With this in mind you can create bite sized rapid bits of video content and presentations that address: Compensation, Career growth and how this happens, views on work life balance, culture and values.
    – Pushing this content and asking a candidate to complete 15-90 mins of education means they are a long way down the onboarding process even before interview. The times candidates have told me they have researched the business fully…. and proudly tell me about a business they seem to know but I have no clue what they are talking about.  🙂  Not any more!
  6. Finally LMS reporting will show you:
    #1 – Who has completed the assigned pre-hiring content, assessments, surveys and quiz results etc.
    #2 – Who warrants an interview. The insight they have give can be used by the hirer to lead the interview which further reduces the hiring burden.
    #3 – Some roles require external certification or membership to professional bodies. New hires can submit these for review.

CreateLMS reporting to make hiring right easy

One client who operates a 911 call handling center receives on average close to 100 applications for each role they advertise.

Before deploying  pre-hiring content/process they would never really know who to interview. That has all changed now.

The created three groups/departments called: #1 – Pre-Hiring    #2 – Did not hire   #3 – On-boarding
– Content was assigned to #1 and users added which auto assigned and tracked content consumption and assessment/quiz answers.
– Thereby tracking content adherence/compliance, pass/fail status and associated scores.

Here is roughly what they learned:

  • 60% were not interested. After investigation they learned candidates  were just shooting out their CV to keep the job center and benefits agencies happy.
  • 30% Started and either failed/abandoned at the point where desired attributes were being confirmed.
  • 10% Completed and passed – From the answers given it was clear to see which three should be interviewed. The client stated that all three could easily have done the job and that they would have fitted in well.
    – During the interviews personality played less of a role.
    – Candidates were well informed and thought they would be joining a well run organisation..
    -The hiring team made recruiting decisions based on evidence of suitability and feeling/connection.

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