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What is ILT?


What is ILT or Instructor Led Training? It is the practice of training and learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups. According to Wikipedia, the acronym ILT is commonly used to distinguish training delivered by a live instructor from self-paced, pre-recorded content. In the UK, ILT can also mean Information and Learning Technology, although it is more likely to be used within the UK Further Education sector.

Instructor led training involves an instructor or mentor leading a class of learners, delivering the content directly to them. These sessions will take place at a specific time and location, and can last from an hour to several days.

Instructor led training can also be delivered in a lecture format, where the instructor will speak to a large group. It can also be delivered in a smaller room, where the instructor can interact more with the class and answer questions. It can even be delivered in workshops where learners get much more hands on and the instructor plays more of a supervisory role, stepping in where they’re needed.

Instructor led training isn’t restricted to the classroom. Trainers can run webinars using the Create LMS learning management system with their learners, allowing them to deliver their session remotely.

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Smart training and learning for instructors and learners

  • Individuals or groups can learn in a real time environment.
  • Instructors can deliver training in a lecture or classroom format.
  • Provide webinars, interactive workshops and demonstrations.
  • Support virtual learning by utilizing video-conferencing tools.

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