Over  1,000,000  Learners – Online, offline, & face to face

A fully validated LMS platform – 21CFR Part 11 & HIPAA compliant – On Premise LMS or in your Cloud or on ours – On & Off-Line LMS

What sets us apart?

Easy,  Innovative,  affordable

We pride ourselves on:

  • Efficient client launch – Some go live in <90 mins
  • A joyful user experience
  • Reliability & scaleability
  • Many unique features: AR/VR, AI, Offline & more!


Why build a best in class LMS?

Background: Since 2002, we have worked in the clinical trials industry gathering Patient Reported Outcomes data (ePRO) in Global studies. Back in those days, deploying on Palm Pilots was tough! We learned MANY valuable lessons which we still use today.

Problem: For Good Clinical Practice Compliance (GCP), we had a desperate need to train, track & record, training adherence/compliance, for Doctors, patients, site staff… Not to mention onboarding and retaining our own teams; which were growing exponentially. Face to face training was expensive & burdensome. Training records management was impossible.

Solution:  A 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA compliant, mobile-friendly LMS that was reliable & insanely easy to use. One did not exist. So in 2013, we got started. By 2015 we were winning awards.  The platform just gets better and better. The future is exciting as we now see clients deploying incredible Augmented Reality & AI-driven training programs that make the impossible possible.

How are we unique?

  • L&D teams can deliver training in <90 mins of handover. Efficient go-live process.
  • Augmented Reality, Video 360, VR & AI solutions for custom or immersive learning.
  • A fully validated, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA compliant LMS. Weekly, OWASP 10 pen-testing.
  • On your premises, in your cloud or on our cloud. With online & offline capabilities.
  • Hyper Secure:  On your private LAN using Network Attached Storage App (NAS).
  • API libraries for seamless integrations and custom builds.
  • Best LMS pricing, easiest to use/deploy. Comes with outstanding service & support.

Plus all the other features you would expect from a mature & robust LMS. Hire – Train – Retain

Create LMS Numbers…

# Users and growing!

Minutes downtime since 2015

Weekly support tickets per 100,000 users


Create an LMS – Do you need to quickly build a new business LMS? Or are you unhappy with your present Learning Management System vendor?

Create your own LMS today that is:

  1. Easy to use for LMS administrators and your learners, partners, contractors, agents and more
  2. Fast to build and deploy – Move ALL your organisation’s training, education and people development
  3. Reliable, scalable and robust

Our advanced LMS system will help you:

Deliver all of your different types of training and education including; online eLearning, blended learning/webinars, ILT, classroom/face to face training. Our LMS platform will even help you manage all of your external certificates.

Hire more efficiently – Less screening and interviews. Identify candidates with the best skills and suitability.

On-board faster – Help people settle into their role, feel valued, respected and help them acquire the skills needed for success.

Deliver surveys, NPS, gather feedback and conduct reviews and appraisals with ease and at speed – Gather insight to drive constant improvement, strategy and understanding. “Ask and ye shall find” – Do this and you will empower your most valuable asset = your people. Do this and retention rates, errors, customer satisfaction and profit soar!

Increase retention – Develop, train, educate and grow your people. Seek feedback on possible operational improvements and conduct surveys, reviews and NPS.

Gain control of training adherence and compliance with powerful reports. See at a glance who is performing well and on time. Spot those with skill deficiencies and who might need extra help. Track and record all different types of training, assessments, reviews, NPS and more. If you operate in a regulated environment our “auditor” role will allow you to give read-only permission to external auditors to self-service the training records audit. Please use the contact us form to request a CreateLMS demo, pricing, proposal or access to our SandBox environment. Read about CreateLMS on Capterra

Create an LMS account with us today

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LMS website?

An LMS website is a tool which allows you to manage all of a business’ staff training, hiring and HR all in one place. It can help you to get the best performance possible from your staff ensuring that they are well trained, productive and motivated in their work.

How do I build a learning management system?

We make it easy to create a flexible advanced LMS system that is also easy to use. Our system is cloud based making it scalable and we can help you to start training in under 90 mins. Click here to start your free trial.

How much will it cost to build my own LMS?

We can provide an advanced LMS system for your company for as low as $2 per user. Get in touch to request pricing.