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Get every player delivering their best game  

Increase performance – quickly & consistently

  • Hiring

  • Onboarding

  • Training & Education

  • Reviews & Career Progression

  • Training Adherence and Compliance

  • Employee Engagement and Retention

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CreateLMS – The best workforce Learning Management System for business. Quickly & easily, deliver emmersive training.


  • Hiring

  • Onboarding

  • Training & Education

  • Reviews & Career Progression

  • Training Adherence and Compliance

  • Employee Engagement and Retention

No credit card required

Over  1,000,000  engaged  Learners – Online, offline, & face to face

What sets us apart?

Intuitive,  Innovative,  affordable

CreateLMS helps you transform people, efficiency & profit
through a feature-rich, customisable platform.

We pride ourselves on:

Efficient client launch – Start training in <90 mins –  
A joyful  user experience for all –  Reliable & scaleable –  
Many unique LMS features – AR/VR, AI, Offline & +more –  
Helping you deliver & track awesome:  eLearning, Webinars,

Blended/ILT, F2Face, External Certificates, Assesments & more

Learn about our story…


Why were we so motivated to build “a best in class LMS” way back in 2013?

Our background, experience and obsession for building a brilliant LMS platform to solve those ‘pesky HR chores’ – quickly & with ease.

Create LMS Numbers…

# Users and growing!

Minutes downtime since 2015

Weekly support tickets per 100,000 users


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Kind words from our amazing client, Terri Griffiths – Managing Director – Thank You:

“I researched a number of LMS and e-learning platforms prior to finding CreateLMS and these guys stood out a mile, without a shadow of a doubt!

  1. LMS flexibility,
  2. Deep features,
  3. Ease of use and
  4. Personable people.

They focus on supporting you and your business rather than focusing on the pound sign. This soft approach to doing business is appreciated and unusual.

We train thousands of people face to face each year on how to use corporate telephone systems.

With COVID I needed to rapidly move to an online training model for our home working clients. Most were having their phone systems migrated from the office to their laptops (soft-phones) for home working and many needed to be re-trained.

I had been meaning to do this for years, but face to face training works well for us. The thought of developing new elearning classes was scary, yet also exciting. I knew we were taking the business to another level. We had to adapt thanks to COVID.

  1. The lovely Nigel helped me with the: elearning content creation for my first few courses,
  2. Guiding and advising on tools, software, elearning methods and processes. These are very different from the appraoch we use in the classroom.
  3. This was a massive help and made our own learning faster, easier and more enjoyable.

We have now created 13 courses. Today, the process is fast, easy and highly repeatable. We build once and use over and over. As new phones enter the market we are able to offer curated content for online only or mixed. This allows learners to jump back to training whenever needed. Customers value this.

I know without a doubt I have chosen the best LMS platform and really enjoy working with the CreateLMS team.

Client feedback and uptake has been superb!

Our move to online training is transforming and complimenting my face to face training business. Clients benefit both ways… access to real world training as needed, with self paced elearning as desired.

Our clients are mostly large enterprises and include the NHS, this has enabled us to scale like never before. CreateLMS has taught us:

  1. How to build content,
  2. Commercialise it and even
  3. Make the content available outside of the CreateLMS platform.

I 100% recommend CreateLMS platform the team and especially Nigel’s technical advice and ability, ideas and advice, they are truly an inspiring team.”

Terri Griffiths – Founder – Telephone Trainers Ltd 


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Create an LMS – Do you need to quickly build a new LMS? or are you unhappy with your present Learning Management System vendor?

“Create an LMS today” that is:

  1. Easy to use for LMS administrators and your learners, partners, contractors, agents and more
  2. Fast to build and deploy – Move ALL your organisations training, education and people development
  3. Reliable, scaleable and robust

Our Learning Management system will help you:

Deliver all of your different types of training and education including; online eLearning, blended learning/webinars, ILT, classroom/face to face training. Our LMS platform will even help you manage all of your external certificates.

Hire more efficiently – Less screening and interviews. Identify candidates with the best skills and suitability.

On-board faster – Help people settle in to their role, feel valued, respected and help them acquire the skills needed for success.

Deliver surveys, NPS, gather feedback and conduct reviews and appraisals with ease and at speed – Gather insight to drive constant improvement, strategy and understanding. “Ask and ye shall find” – Do this and you will empower your most valuable asset = your people. Do this and retention rates, errors, customer satisfaction and profit soar!

Increase retention – Develop, train, educate and grow your people. Seek feedback on possible operational improvements and conduct surveys, reviews and NPS.

Gain control of training adherence and compliance with powerful reports. See at a glance who is performing well and on time. Spot those with skill deficiencies and who might need extra help. Track and record all different types of training, assessments, reviews, NPS and more. If you operate in a regulated environment our “auditor” role will allow you to give read only permission to external auditors to self service the training records audit.

Please use the contact us form to request a CreateLMS demo, pricing, proposal or access to our SandBox environment.

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