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The best learning management system to help you Train, Engage & Retain high performing teams.

Employee Training Platform

A great solution for onboarding, compliance and upskilling, Create is the ideal platform for employee training. Get your people up to speed and drive performance with minimum fuss.

Employee Engagement

Gather important data to understand your people, and better communicate your mission and processes across multiple territories. An invaluable employee engagement platform.

Employee Retention

Too many companies lose great people due to lack of development opportunities. Improve employee retention by giving yours the knowledge and tools they need to thrive. One LMS platform for employee retention.



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We’ll help you create an LMS with:

  • Efficient client launch: some go live in <90 mins
  • Ease of use and a joyful user experience.
  • Your own branding.
  • Many unique features: AR/VR, AI, online / offline & more!
  • Reliability: 2 support tickets per 100,000 users per week.

Client Feedback:

best learning management system
Sal Cuffari Comcast

"Their knowledge & attention to detail have aided in keeping our company’s training needs on track for over 236,000 users across 6 separate Comcast instances."

best learning management system
David Jones Medbelle

"I have used Create LMS as both a learner and as an administrator and I think it is fantastic. I must say though, the system is intuitive and very easy to navigate."

best learning management system
Braeton Hill PRAIRE Aquatech

"It was very easy to get familiar with and use the software since it is simplistic and all questions about the system have been answered without any trouble."