5 Steps to Start a Business Training Revolution

5 Steps to Start a Business Training Revolution

29 January 2017

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5 steps to start a business training revolution

Every company wants to make savings on their training budget, right?  They seek advice, talk to friends and are told “take it online, it will be cheaper and quicker”.  We can all imagine the intended benefits of online learning but how do you effectively harness online learning to revolutionise your company training and what tools do you need to achieve this?

1. What do we mean by elearning?

Elearning is learning conducted via electronic media, typically this can be cloud based but not necessarily. The massive benefit of this to a company is that learning can take place any time and anywhere, individuals need to be motivated to learn to help this work.

(What if they are not? That’s a whole other article in itself!)

2. What technology do we need?

You need Internet access and devices – desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones – apple or android. Which of those devices you use depends on the way you want your employees to learn. Will you legislate time for them to learn on company hours in-house or are they encouraged to self-pace their learning outside of office hours? The pros and cons of all options need to be considered and weighed up against the cost of any technology investment to guarantee the success of elearning. Fully mobile elearning will enable your teams to learn anytime anywhere so this might be the easiest option to consider for flexibility.

3. What about Content?

“That’s great learning content,” said nobody ever! But in elearning content is KEY! It needs to be engaging, interesting and concise - especially if learners are learning on mobile devices. This is the point you panic and think – “we don’t have any content, ARGH!” If you don’t have content there are some real simple and effective ways to get make it yourself:

  • Make your own - Use your own staff and a good camera to film the top employees doing their job well! Then upload it to your learning management system (LMS – below)… it doesn’t have to be polished or perfect, it just has to be clear and easily understood.
  • Buy ready made content – this can be great for compliance to get important regulations & legislation communicated. It can also be good for team leaders or management training
  • Commission custom made content – simply find a company who will take your knowledge and transform it into interactive content. This might take a little more time than the other options, but once you have it you can use if time again and it makes sense to employees as it communicates only your company values.

4. How do we choose the right LMS?

The Learning Management System or LMS is the single tool that manages, hosts and delivers your training. Just as content is key to engagement, choosing an LMS with scalability in mind is KEY in digital transformation – you need to make sure that the platform you chose can grow easily with your business and its not a quick fix option that hinders knowledge rather than helping propel it round your people.  Finding the right LMS is a project in itself, but we like other LMS providers can help guide you through the process of designing your LMS to work for you.

5. Who do we need?

Having the right people in place to manage your elearning is important, this doesn’t have to be their sole task as it can sit within other roles but they need to be the owner. Without a project lead online learning can falter and fails to gather momentum.

Within each section above there are a dozen other subtopics, which I could write chapters on! But these are the 5 starting points to consider when you are on the first steps to revolutionise your internal training.


Karen Coyle,

Co Founder CreateLMS & Head of Coyle HR Consultancy