5 Tips to Nail Engagement for Your LMS Rollout

5 Tips to Nail Engagement for Your LMS Rollout

10 February 2017


Have you had trouble rolling out new training in the past? And now you’re planning the rollout of your brand new shiny LMS but worried it might bomb like some of your previous training! YIKES!

Well worry no more, follows these simple marketing based tips to great communication and learner participation in your LMS rollout!

1.     Engage your learners up front

Take the time to LISTEN to your learners. Understand their needs and frustrations with current training. Set up focus groups and question users, not only during meetings but also in the kitchen, in corridors and whenever you can.

At this stage your not just listening but you’re also doing first stage promotion of the LMS rollout. People talk to their peers and your building momentum and excitement about your LMS - “Did you know there is a project coming down the line where we are all going to have access to GREAT internal courses…?”

2.     Email is not the answer

I will say it now and also later on…. DO NOT rely on email to TALK or LISTEN, as it can do neither. It can convey details, which will be useful later on but in terms of really getting to understand your audience hands off is not the answer. Email can be ignored, people less so.  If you talk to your teams not only will you have engagement upfront but you might uncover promotional suggestions or business wide benefits to your learners you hadn’t considered.

3.     Analyse

Having done all that great listening you now need to analyse and understand the data you have and what you have heard. Pick out the important points, the problems people have identified and match those up with the features of your LMS. 

4. Communicate – But not on email!

Once you know your peoples pain, plan how to communicate those winning LMS features to them in a way that solves those problems!  For example if learners want training that they can take with them while travelling or use at home during down time, and your new fantastic CreateLMS is fully mobile on any device – SNAP!  If you can convey this to them in a way they understand, you have answered their expressed concerns and get maximum engagement points!

Its not just what you say, its how you say it (did I mention NO EMAIL)… Talk at the water cooler and in the kitchen, but most importantly arrange company wide sessions – tell everyone, or if your business is too large tell a cross section.  Make sure you are communicating face to face, to share the importance of the message. Low impact communication = Low engagement, High impact/face to face = high importance.

5.     Reinforce!!!

It’s ok to send some emails at this point to give outlines of data, pass on slides share facts etc. But to reinforce not to tell!

You might also: share relevant slides and support documents on your company intranet, if you have a large workforce plan an internal communications campaign with collateral posters or features in the internal magazine.

There are many ways to reinforce your LMS rollout messaging. You just have to look at the means available to you and dial them in. Have your CEO mention it in his monthly/weekly address, have managers reinforce it at team meetings. But make sure they have the right support to trickle down your message, be around for questions if needed or supply video updates and quick talking heads.

That’s it in a nutshell in terms of maximising engagement up-front for your LMS rollout. For more information on implementation and LMS rollout in general there are many other resources on the site, which might help or get in touch! 

Carol-Ann Stevenson

Co Founder & Head of Customer Success at CreateLMS