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Why is Create LMS the Best LMS for Membership Organizations?

Why is Create LMS the Best LMS for Membership Organizations?

2 August 2017

As a membership organization, you exist to train people and to share wisdom and best practice. You may run training events, annual conferences and networking meetings. And the really active ones have localized get-togethers and networking events - they canvas politicians for the better good of the membership and drive forward innovation.

One of the big problems that your membership organization may have is tracking your continuous professional development. Accountancy organizations for example, are plagued by constant change and the evolution of standards and rules. 

  • How do you know Fred is actually up to date with all of his latest training? 
  • How do you know that it's all current?
  • Then how do you get training out to those people? 
  • What about the time Fred invests in self development, shouldn't this be recognised?

So as things emerge and things change, delivering that content, tracking that content, making sure people are in and taking it, is really important.


The other thing we're seeing with membership organizations is that they generally have quite poor I.T. infrastructure and systems, many lack integration of their key systems and processes and workflows can be time consuming and manual.

They often have tons of spreadsheets, here, there and everywhere and are trying to manage many tasks from CPD to membership renewals from aging, custom made platforms. Add to this that membership organisations have to streamline office staff to keep membership costs down or in some organisations it is the members running the organisation with their own donation of time.

Track adherence and compliance

Because training requires gathering information like name, e-mail address and other information, it makes sense that those records flow out elsewhere. The Create LMS platform can be used to track adherence and compliance, so you can see the whole picture of the membership organization - even for new potential members.

So for example, let's say for an accountancy membership organisation, as a new course comes up, someone can create a course very quickly and post that link to their website. Someone who is maybe not even a member, but interested in the training, can click on that course and then immediately come into the learning management system. Then it's completely possible that the learning management system sends all of that data back to the CRM system, which then in turn keeps track of the membership.

Drive membership renewals

As we evolve our membership offering, we're starting to find membership organizations say all this training, adherence, compliance data and contact information just makes perfect sense that we drive membership renewals straight from the learning management system.

As we build our membership client base, Create LMS will become more like a CRM system. Because we can integrate with accounting systems like Sage Pay, Strike or other payment gateways, it is possible for us to make the whole process completely friction free.

Someone who's vaguely interested in a topic, maybe just taking a taster class, is brought in to consider if they have thought about the value of joining and becoming a member. This goes right the way through to the sales process and then on to continuous marketing, where their continuous professional development is tracked.

Continuous professional development

Imagine that someone is a member. They are taking the training classes and other classes can be made available. As the person is spending time earning credits, let's say reading, they can log that within our system. Then using the continuous professional development panel, they can upload saying they spent ten hours reading and therefore self-certify themselves at that point.

That can then notify an instructor to make a check-in with the person. And because our LMS has instructor workrooms, it is completely feasible for the membership body that people can run all the continuous professional development and the organization can test and validate that the work's actually been done.

Coaching and mentoring

With our coaching and mentoring module, people can buy higher degrees of membership where they get one-on-one coaching. It could be that the accountancy association has a gold level of service that provides access to the brightest and sharpest minds within the organization.

Let's say you pay an extra membership level to gain access to one hour of coaching. Imagine that all being tracked beautifully within one system. So you're not only tracking the courses people take in the real world, in elearning and in the blended learning classes, now all of a sudden you're managing all of the different types of training.

You're not only selling training, taking your IP and creating elearning available for all of your people, you're also gathering all the membership details, so you're able to make sales.

In the coaching and mentoring module, it's possible for you to have that value added area where all of the activities you're going to do between now and next month are also tracked. These are things that would be completely new to membership organisations, but very easy to set up and to be administered using our LMS platform.

Create LMS can build a membership organisation's courses, turning their IP into things they can sell and we can help with that process. Where they've already got training content ready, they just push it into the LMS platform and start selling it.

White label your LMS platform

We can also let you clone your platform. You can create a master academy that's completely white-labelled and they can sell that to their corporate member clients. For example, they can resell ready made portals and earn thirty percent of that.

So they can say, please can you set up a portal for a learning management system that's got all of our content in it, but can you please set that up for 'Billy Bob Accountants', or another company, and it will have all of the content sitting within it.

If desired, we can take some of that data and push it to the master backup in the master portal, so people can oversee what's happening in all the sub-portals. Now there are data privacy concerns that would need to be looked at, as some people would be fine with it and others wouldn't, but there are many ways that we can offer the portal.

Create LMS provides a really cool way where membership organizations can let individual members come into their academy and corporate members can take a corporate LMS with all of the content in it and track all of the training for all of their staff. Then the membership data, where relevant, reappears back in the master panel.

Conferences and events

We can help membership organizations monetize their IP, making it really easy for them to do all of their training and run all their conferences. So if you can imagine an annual conference, you've got lots of training events going on. You can organize all of those events that take place and you can create those classes. Then you can invite people to join. So those that can't attend the conference, perhaps because of cost or time, could actually attend the classes.

Wouldn't it be great if there were say, three learning sessions for your membership at your conference that members wanted to attend but couldn't - they could join as blended sessions and through video and web meeting.

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