The best LMS would be POV, AR and VR friendly

The best LMS would be POV, AR and VR friendly

9 March 2018

The best LMS would include POV, VR and AR capability as standard.

Here at CreateLMS, our brilliant engineers are super excited about the convergence of VR/AR hardware and software.

Our kids, kids will not be learning the way they do today. We are at a wonderful point where hardware and software is converging to the point of consumerization. It is fair to say that while still early, this point has been reached.

Last year we decided to begin experimenting. How can we:

  1. Make it easier and more affordable to create high quality POV VR and AR content
    • Point of View Content (POV) - show and tell style training, filmed with a wide angle camera like a GoPro
    • Virtual Reality (VR) - 360 degree footage with a learning journey
    • Augmented Reality (AR) - Allows learners to see an overlay of helpful teaching points or instructions
  2. Enable this content to play back beautifully of smartphones and headsets
  3. Track and record the journey, actions, sequence and time spent
  4. Make it easy for the learner to complete quizz, exams, surveys or forms
  5. Record all of this into LMS training history file and deliver certificates

The progress has been pretty good. 

  • We can build the content.  
  • We can load the content and play it.
  • We can track the actions and results.

The next step is to bring the three elements together into the LMS. 

Back in 2013 we built CreateLMS on the Zend framework. A sound and long term decision or so I thought back then :-)

I never imagined back then that we would be see such incredible advances in web tech. The capabilities that exist today could not have been dreamed of back then.  What's possible today was impossible in 2013.

We think that being prepared (process and attitude) to adopt better frameworks  every 4-6 years helps us in our quest to build the very best lms. This thinking is our new-norm. A fact of life and one worth embracing.

Our Symfony release arrives soon and allows us to begin supporting  our customers desires around POV, AR and VR training.

If you have a need for:

  • An LMS to play your POV, VR, AR content,
  • Add in quizzes, exams, surveys etc
  • Track behaviours, content consumption and results
  • Want to build high quality, low cost VR content to teach or train people
  • AND you have a little budget to help make it happen  :-)

I would love to hear from you as we want to begin prototyping using real test cases.

Please email or call me:  Mark Taggart (CEO and Founder)  -         +447754933180

Messing about in the office with HoloLens.