Custom OKR Software

Custom OKR Software

23 November 2018

Are you looking for custom OKR (Objective Key Result) software that works the way you want for your unique needs? CreateLMS OKR custom built apps is the way forward. 


Our team will understand your needs, structures, reporting lines and create a compelling solution with graphical dashboard reports just the way you need. Delivery is within under 3-8 weeks depending on complexity.

OKR that is highly secure, always available, robust and mobile friendly. 

What is OKR - Objective - Key - Result?

Please watch this short, fantastic TedX talk that best describes the OKR concept, some of the history behind it and why you should adopt OKRs to become a high performance organisation. 


How do you deploy OKR - Objective - Key - Result?

This video from Google Ventures explains OKR in great detail and how to execute and deploy OKR within your organisation. A must watch video. Well worth sharing internally with all stakeholders.

When deploying or announcing OKR you can use the CreateLMS platform to easily push content like this and video snippets from your teams as to their OKR's - It's engaging. You can see who has watched and understood whats happening as your OKR adventure unfolds.

Why should OKR sit within the LMS?

Good question....

At it's most basic level an LMS is really just a content delivery engine and compliance tracking engine. One platform that makes it easy to:

  • Build elearning in minutes not days. Share best practice content, OKR instrutions, videos, slides, surveys, quizes and articles etc
  • Perform rapid onboarding workflows - including education on your OKR rational and goals
  • Deliver town hall meetings and mass communication on strategy, news, performance and success etc
  • Check that consumers of content understand what they have seen/learned
  • Automatically issue time-bombed follow-up 
  • Graphical reporting to track content consumption and progress 
  • Deliver onboarding workflows - making sure people become effective faster

Communicating OKR's, gaining and increasing engagement/participation requires an excellent communication engine = CreateLMS OKR.

Deploying OKR using the CreateLMS

Communicate the objectives quickly and easily along with the your rational. This is easily done using your smartphone video recorder creating compelling content. Educate eveyone in the OKR concept.

Our teams can also help (if desired) you build the supporting content and materials that explain the:

  1. why OKR,
  2. what OKR and
  3. when OKR
  4. The system takes care of all the reminders, management and reporting, exactly the way you want it to work and look. 

The OKR platform make it easy for managing SMART OKR:

  1. The leadership team to sets objectives, measurables, deliverables and timelines within the system - Then publishes these.
  2. Departmental leaders to set their complimenting Objective Key Results that are aligned
  3. and work with each person to verify the individual OKR's are all supporting the common goal.
  4. By making this mobile friendly everyone can keep their OKR's updated on the move and the scores and reports automatically update.

OKR violators - those late reporting get nudges to comply. We can build custom workflows for managing people who fail to adhere or comply, including the automatic assignment of OKR training/elearning. 

You can choose how frequently the graphical dashboards are emailed and updates on progress posted.

For pricing and further discussions about your custom OKR software and needs - Please contact us today.