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Align Technology smile at Learning Management success

Who is Align Technology?

Formed in 1997 and publicly traded since January 2001, Align Technology is a medical device company with US headquarters in San Jose, California and international headquarters in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands.

Align Technology is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of orthodontic products - notably the Invisalign system and the iTero Intraoral scanning systems and services. These help dental professionals to achieve the clinical results they expect, and deliver effective, cutting-edge dental options to their patients.

To date, Align Technology’s Invisalign clear aligners have been used to treat minor to complex malocclusion for more than 3m patients in more than 90 countries worldwide.


The Problem

Align Technology wanted to continue to develop the clinical knowledge of its various teams across Europe. To achieve that, they realised they needed to develop a blend of classroom delivered and online delivered training materials.

They had already developed some online learning materials but recognizing that these might be quite ‘one-dimensional’ they set about looking for a more up-to-date approach to online learning allied to a Learning Management System (LMS).

Rob MacDonald, a Clinical Sales Trainer at Align Technology in Amsterdam, explained, “We had developed a Diploma program and, to deliver this effectively, we needed learning materials which were highly interactive when delivered online – especially where this involved learners in working through various scenarios online.

“We knew that, if couldn’t deliver this high degree of engaging interaction in our online learning materials, the Diploma program wouldn’t qualify for accreditation from independent bodies. This was an important consideration, so we embarked on some rigorous research into the suitable products on the market.”

Rob commented that, “When measured against each of our criteria, we found that CreateLMS – especially in terms of authoring tools - consistently came in the top two or three positions. Competing products didn’t match that consistency, so we approached Create LMS.

“We explained that our initial project – to produce appropriate online learning materials in five languages relating to the Diploma - was time-sensitive and asked if they could help us meet both our time and quality criteria.  We found Create LMS was more than happy to help,” said Rob. “Indeed, as the project progressed, we found that their developers often went the ‘extra mile’.”


The Outcome

In less than 4 months; all of the necessary 45 or so online courses had been produced – in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Working with Align in the US Create LMS were able to upload and communicate with their existing US based LMS.

“One of the benefits we’ve found from Create LMS is that it can easily cope with presenting the same material in different languages. There are no compatibility problems between the two LMS platforms. It all works smoothly” said Rob.

“Our 450 or so employees throughout the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries have access to these up-to-date, interactive online learning materials. They can access the learning materials via any delivery device – from a mobile phone to a desktop computer – and their results are seamlessly uploaded to the company’s main LMS for recording and analysis.”

The previous online learning materials had seen candidates struggle to achieve the 80 percent required pass mark in assessments. With the newer online learning materials, learners are now consistently achieving scores of 85 to 90 percent in all assessments.

 “Moreover, we’ve noticed that, while only 75 percent of learners used to access the old online learning materials, these days all of the learners access the new online learning materials,” he added.

 “We’re looking forward to continuing – and deepening – our commercial relationship with CreateLMS,” said Rob. “In our experience, we’ve found Create LMS excellent in terms of delivering creative, cost-effective, interactive and engaging online learning materials to our many learners throughout Europe.”