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The Best LMS for Membership Organizations

Membership Organizations provide many valuable services to their members. These include:

  1. Training Accreditation and certification
  2. Assistance with Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  3. Networking events and conferences - sharing wisdom and best practice
  4. Campaign for the benefit of their industry, helping safeguard member interests
  5. Acting as a focal point  and much much more

CreateLMS works in partnership with membership organizations to:

  • Deliver and track all your different types of training (face to face, webinar, elearning etc)
  • Generate important and significant new revenue streams including:
    • Provide your members with a branded white labeled LMS
    • Resell a content ready LMS to your corporate members (with their look and feel)
    • Sell accredited eLearning or blended learning courses
    • Make it easy for non members to join and for members to benefit
    • Use the LMS to run the training/knowledge transfer side of annual conferences
  • Track all training and CPD and accreditation management helping
    • Increase training adherence and certification compliance
    • Expired members to become current in latest best practices or regain accreditation
  • Helping streamline the membership journey - making it friction free for more members to join

The ability to represent and protect your brand

On average for every hour Create LMS spend in development, we invest nearly 10 in testing. We perform weekly security penetration testing every week to double check for human error or emerging security risks.

Our systems auto scale when bandwidth or CPU usage hits 40% utilisation for more than 1 minute. This means the system is fast and nimble for learners.

We employ near real time mirroring of data to a second continent with auto failover and load balancing. This means even if a server fails, the learner will barely notice as they are automatically re-routed. All media is compressed where relevant and stored locally near your learners, so playback is fast.

Industry gurus such as Craig Weiss and Learning Light feel our platform is one of the easiest to use and most future proofed. Our experimental work on artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) will deliver many benefits.

Effective relationship management

Because the Create LMS platform is so robust, the support team is able to provide one-to-one named support to all stakeholders, even the learners. The go-live process is highly efficient and designed to reduce your own internal burden.

When anyone needs support they can email, call, Skype or chat. We can launch a video web screen-sharing meeting and provide quick on the spot training sessions. In the rare event of an issue we take screen-grabs, gather the data, create a ticket and keep all stakeholders fully informed. Good news or bad, we are highly open and transparent.

Value for money

The well tested, validated and highly efficient platform is offered as a buy-now-go-live-now solution. Customisation is kept to a minimum, which in turn keeps support and maintenance costs low and reliability high.

Added value

Because membership organizations are our primary business focus, we have created a unique partnership model that helps not only members but the membership organization and officers. This includes the ability to resell a cloned instance of the LMS to your corporate members and when you bring us new membership organizations we reward you with either a 10% or 30% commission depending on how the opportunity came about.

We make it easy to create training content, helping exploit conferences by making content available to members who could not attend and help you market your library of content and training. We share our leading edge IT experience, systems development skills and wisdom and help you streamline the membership processes using technology.

Our coaching/mentoring modules, instructor workrooms and ability to help learners track their CPD, allow you to create new revenue streams and offer great value to members.

LMS for membership organization - core requirements, offered as standard

  • A multi tenant LMS which is scalable, flexible, reliable and secure.
  • A white labelled solution which enables you to retail a suite of online learning courses to the open market as an alternative to the face to face open training that it delivers.
  • Direct customers via URL to the LMS in order to book, pay for and access one or more online courses, integrate accounting system and streamline payment handling.
  • Seamless and friction free customer journey.
  • Single sign-on
  • Signpost users to the appropriate online courses through its website
  • Blended learning, ILT and the ability to book onto courses and see training and event calendars.
  • White labelled LMS solution to offer on a client by client basis
  • Instructional support services such as online tutoring, real time interaction
  • and collaboration.
  • ePortfolio feature to enable delegates’ on-line learning hours and activity to
  • be evidenced and assignments to be submitted for assessment.
  • Efficient reporting with graphical dashboards.
  • Online advising of on-line delegates/students.

Our Experience

The team at Create LMS are successful technology entrepreneurs, hailing from the heavily regulated clinical trials technology space. Our mobile friendly platforms gather data in more than 67 Countries from patients to help companies like GSK, Novartis and Johnson and Johnson gain marketing approval for their drugs from the regulatory agencies including FDA and European Medicines Agency. We have gained unparalleled experience and wisdom, which we have applied to Create LMS.

These businesses have successfully generated over $320 million for shareholders and management and continue to thrive as leaders in their field. Today Create LMS is voted by industry gurus Craig Weiss as a top 10 LMS and Learning Light as having created “the most accessible LMS on the market.”

We know how to build highly secure, scalable, robust learning platforms that are a joy to use and which are future proofed.

Before 2014 and the convergence of the HTML5 standard and AWS hosting capability, it was not technically possible to build such an incredible platform. In 2013 we raised £500K to begin building the World's best, most future proofed and affordable LMS.

An overview of the Create LMS learning management system’s capabilities


Items in green are our capabilities - Items red are modules within the LMS

We provide our own e-learning content and content curated from third parties. Our curation team are able to help curate training into bite sized eLearning that engages. Our LMS is available in any desired language. As standard we support Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish and Polish.

Courses to be supplied to you as white-labelled, off-the-shelf learning content:

  • Learning Heroes
  • VADO
  • EJ4
  • DuPont elearning
  • Safety Media

Blended learning

The learning management platform is able to host and play any content, fully audit trail all of the activity and certificates, report on this and assist with adherence and compliance, giving you maximum flexibility, control and opportunity to profit.

As standard the platform is designed to support ILT, Blended and eLearning. Many modules work seamlessly together and the course builder tool makes this incredibly easy.

We support the notion of a training calendar and the ability to request to join a class and also support approval workflows. We use the iCal standard. Calendar invites include course information and links to the class, location, language, time-zone and video web meetings.

Learner experience


Create LMS provides the learner with a dashboard to view all assigned, registered, in progress and recommended learning at a glance.

Assigned training appears in their dashboard and email with helpful links taking them directly to class. For calendar based events they receive a digital calendar invite/meeting request.

Manager experience


Graphical dashboard reports and filters lead you directly to the data. We have made chasing people into class a breeze. Visual, easy on the eye and fast to learn.

Our platform is role based and includes Super admin, Academy admin, Instructor, Department/group/line manager, Learners. New roles are also easily defined and added.

Instructor experience


We include a very easy to use course builder module that enables instructors to build classes in minutes. This allows instructors to make the most of their existing or publicly available content.

Types of objects that our LMS course builder supports

PPT, Prezi, Slideshare, text, PDF, iFrame, Video, Audio, quiz, exams, file upload, file download, surveys, SCORM 1.2 and 2004. We are developing support for VR using Unity and AI.

Mobile learning

Firstly, we teach trainers the principles of mobile centric learning and the challenges to consider. With this in mind they can build quality content that will play well on small devices.

The system is fully responsive and HTML5 compliant. Learners can play the content via any HTML5 compliant browsers, media rich TV, tablets, smartphones and Android and IOS apps (Q3/4 2017).

Because we are HTML5 compliant we do not believe that we should control or limit what can be seen by any given device type. Rather the learner will decide if the device is suitable and they can see the content.

The benefit of this approach and our design is that those with poor eyesight can configure a 55 inch TV monitor to scale and playback as if playback were on an iPhone. This provides incredible levels of magnification.

Assessment: Testing, evaluations and surveys

As standard we offer Quizzes. Multi choice, single choice, true/false, fill in the blanks. Limit number of attempts before instructor is notified, set pass rate and a full audit trail on attempts. File download and upload to the instructor workroom, with the instructor marking, scoring and providing feedback.


Certain desired courses can be made available publicly and users can buy these and be enrolled into the system. This can be linked to your CRM system and sales processes to possibly up-sell membership.


The system uses a long tail of the web graph to show a learner's position hierarchically as a percentage of completeness compared to others. Learners earning badges is presently in development and is due in release version 7. We support open badges as standard and badges and scores can be attached to a course. These are then displayed in the learner and admin panels and filtered as desired.

Reporting and analytics

We offer best in class reporting using graphical, drillable dashboards with export capability to CSV. Further we ensure that reports work exactly as needed by including up to 3 custom dashboards.

Access and control

We support most of the common and popular standards including; LDAP, Active Directory, OKTA, SAML and Web Services. Security is managed at the core of the system and not by any user. We test to OWASP top 10, Sarbanes Oxley and ISO 27001 every Sunday, looking specifically for new security threats, weakness and human error. These reports are available to all clients.

Only users can access and change passwords. We store minimal personal, identifiable data.  Data transport is via HTTPS - SHA-256. Passwords are hashed and encrypted using the SHA-1 standard.

Technical environment

The platform is built using PHP on a Zend Framework, HTML and HTML5 and AWS Aurora database . We host with Amazon Web Services (99.95% uptime guarantee) across multiple continents. The system 100% web based for all users including administrators. Only a HTML5 compliant browser is needed. No plugins or other software are required.

Courses can be cached locally for completion without an internet connection using our online-offline-off-grid capability. This auto synchronises all the relevant user and course data. Video is sent to our AWS media servers for compression to WebM standard, and shared to localised storage buckets closer to learners to reduce latency.

Hosting Environment

Create LMS is unique in the way it is built and deployed. We host across multiple continents to ensure the platform is always up. We mirror all data from one instance to another, ensuring data loss in reality is often only a few seconds.

We offer unlimited use capability with auto/elastic scaling of resources when utilisation hits 40% for more than 1 minute. These only scale down when utilisation falls below 40% for more than 5 minutes. We have alarms and alerts that fully inform our support team on any likely deviations.


Support is available for extended hours (e.g. 24/7), including support for all global regions. Monday to Friday is provided as standard when our optional cost item with gold level support which is 35% of the LMS spend. User guides, manuals and how-to-online training classes are available to customers online. We offer dedicated point of contact and can provide all the services you need to fully outsource your L&D function.

Learn more

To learn more about the vision of Create LMS being the World's best LMS for manufacturing organizations and how we can implement an affordable and future-proofed LMS learning management system for your organization, please get in touch.