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How an IT company became a content publisher and training powerhouse. 

Cobry; a Google GSuite partner uses Create LMS to build, deliver and track training. The result; happier clients and increased sales.  

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Cobry create online training courses with Create LMS

CB-Training.jpgCobry helps organisations make the most of the latest cloud technology. The company focuses on providing G Suite as this product capitalises most on the benefits of using a cloud infrastructure as the basis of an IT system.

A project to move to G Suite usually involves technical aspects such as data migration but a very important element is also change management. For businesses with a headcount under 20, usually a day or two of training will be enough to bring most of the team up-to-speed on the various tools. However for larger organisations, more planning is needed to ensure good adoption and staff satisfaction with the system. Whilst face-to-face tuition is the most effective method of training, not all organisations have the budget to afford this for all their staff, especially for larger teams.

What was the problem?

From experience of deploying G Suite, Cobry identified the need for a training solution for organisations that don’t have the budget to provide face-to-face training en-masse. An online learning platform was an obvious solution to meet this need so Cobry carried out some market research on various options available.

This research found that a few online training products were available for G Suite but were completely focused on servicing the end user. This highlighted a gap in the market for a training platform that provides both learning to the end user combined with reporting capabilities that would be useful for managers. These reporting capabilities would be of high value for managers as it would allow the control and supervision of learning with the ability to easily identify individuals that require more help to use G Suite confidently.

What was the solution?

Cobry started to look for platforms that could be used to build an online learning resource for G Suite to meet this gap. The company chose CreateLMS as they provided the infrastructure that allowed Cobry to create online training courses with a blend of text, video and quiz content that provides well-rounded learning for G Suite users. Moreover, the platform provided excellent real-time reporting and metrics - a key element missing from competitive offerings. An easy-to-use dashboard supplied managers with the tools they would need to effectively monitor their team’s learning.

As well as providing training to companies already using the technology, Cobry Academy has also proved to be a useful tool when moving organisations from more traditional IT systems to G Suite. After courses are assigned to users, the manager’s dashboard can be used to identify team members that are struggling with the technology or resistant to change. These two groups of users usually cause the vast majority of change management issues during a project so being able to identify them easily allows pro-active actions to be taken to mitigate potential issues. Furthermore, it increases satisfaction and adoption rates across the whole user base - contributing to the overall success of the project.

Cobry’s experience of G Suite training paired with infrastructure provided by CreateLMS enabled the creation of Cobry Academy. Cobry Academy is an online learning platform that provides businesses with a cost-effective way to train large teams on G Suite - whether in the process of moving or already using the product.


Future Plans

Cobry are still early on the journey of content creation and plan to continue developing courses focused around the different apps in G Suite - Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive and more. Complementary courses focused around particular themes such as general IT security and the Chrome browser are also being considered to be sold alongside G Suite content.

Cherry on the cake?

From IT implementation vendor to content publishing, Cobry are making money while they sleep.

Create LMS has also opened up new opportunities for Cobry as the courses that have been created can be sold on the Create marketplace. The learning platform was originally intended to be sold to Cobry clients, but a much larger potential market can be reached through this public-facing marketplace. Furthermore, the course content can also be integrated into systems like Moodle, providing another possible market that could make use of the learning material.

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