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Technology Developments at Create LMS - Symphony

Create LMS are doing some cool things with technology. With the Symphony project that's unfolding, we are making it easier for an organization to link the volumes of training activities going on, so we can understand how many hours are being spent on training. What we're able to do it is link this to keep track of business KPI's.

So for example, if training is on the up and investment in training is on the up, then we should see the cost per employee potentially dropping and the profit per employee increasing. We should also see a reduction in the number of incidents and accidents. Therefore customer satisfaction scores should increase.

Dashboard reports

What we're doing within Symphony is creating a dashboard report that ties training activity to these key business metrics. These metrics allow the senior management team, rather like the coaching and mentoring modules, to specify what the learning development team should be focusing on.

So senior management can just say the top ten things to focus on for the next six months are: Customer service, increase in profit per employee through cost reduction strategies and increasing renewal rates of customers through improving customer service.

There's a very tight description of the things that senior management want. Such as what the HR and learning and development function in the business should focus on to help the business lift its goals. That all gets tied back to the senior team so they can then score how they perceive our five stars. They may view it having a score of two, where internally they might actually think it's a five. So this helps everybody see what to focus on.

Custom magic quadrants

Coming with the Create LMS Symphony development is the ability for you to create your own custom magic quadrants. What you're able to do is find all the future leaders for example. These are the few people in the organization who've got tremendous talent and should be considered for a senior management team position at some future date. Future line managers could be the people who might not quite be as good as a future leader, but could be a potential line manager. If a role comes up, then these people should be considered.

Below that, you might have people who are 'Steady-Eddies'. People who generally do an awesome job, you don't want to promote them because they're solid gold. They get the job done and teach other people. You look after them in other ways, but you definitely don't want to promote them. Just like an awesome salesperson shouldn't be a sales manager.

In the LMS magic quadrant X and Y axis, you can score people based on their ability to change, but also their desire to change. Create custom quadrants within the LMS system and these then appear at the learner level. Then, when you're interviewing or rating the learner next time, regarding compensation for example, you can say does this person get a bonus, yes or no? If yes, what percentage of the bonus should they get? The Create LMS learning management system can automatically calculate that.

Filtering and connectivity

You can also filter. In huge organizations, there's going to be a million dots on the screen, so you can filter that into a Excel spreadsheet or CSV file and extract that. When plugged into Zapier, you'll be able to take that data to MailChimp for example. You wouldn't use our learning platform to communicate with all these people, but you can use Zapier to tie this up to your HR communication and newsletters and our whole LMS platform is designed to be open and connect to these types of tools.

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