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Intuitive and easy to use

Easily manage employee on-boarding, competency management, performance reviews, goal management and employee self-service

Industry experts rate the Create LMS user interface and experience as best in class

  • Create LMS’ main strength is that it is intuitive.
  • The user interface is made up of colourful blocks which show an overview of the learner’s progress.
  • The modern learner immediately feels comfortable with the LMS and can navigate through its features.
  • A familiar user interface provides consistency throughout the different areas of the LMS.
  • Greatly reduce the amount of learning a learner must achieve to operate their learning management system.
  • Make it significantly easier for a learner to use their learning management system, so courses taken through the LMS will see better user uptake and completion.

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LMS user interface
LMS custom courses

A streamlined approach

  • We are focused on developing an intuitive learning management platform that can be utilized by companies both large and small.
  • The LMS is backed by a freelancing community to help with the process of drafting content and instruction.
  • Users can formulate their own lessons and classes in just six simple steps with the course builder tool.
  • Courses can be shared with staff, customers and partners to ensure everyone is following best practices.
  • Student scores can be tracked through a personalized dashboard, and drill-down reporting is available in real-time.
  • Assisted learning notes and in-class notes are also included in the system. 

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Easy to use tools to manage employee on-boarding, competency management, performance reviews, goal management and employee self-service

  • The software is available for both web-based and on-premise deployment, giving users easy access to coursework from mobile devices and tablets.
  • Integrate with many systems through the API.
  • eCommerce is built-in for companies to charge a fee to partners or distributors.
  • Plus, the LMS is available in 20 languages.

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