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Best LMS Pricing – What does it cost?

We offer a simple cost per user model, per year – Just pay for the number of users you want to train in a year. Inactive users are free.

  • <500 = $18 per user per year so $1.50 per month
  • >500 = $12 per user per year
  • + $500 setup and all upgrades
  • +15% Covers named person support
  • No minimum user numbers
  • Maximums – If your user base grows to a cost of greater than $40,250 we will cap your spend at that level and automatically migrate your license to ‘Enterprise’ (see below).

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How does billing work?

As standard we offer annual pricing.

Why?  This reduces our administrative/cost burden significantly. Which keeps the cost per user model low.

Background:  Moving this way allowed us to redeploy 2 x FTE to other tasks, rather than managing monthly renewals, invoicing and the inevitable chasing of late payments. Because most clients pay directly, a further 4% is saved and passed back in keeping our monthly per user cost at just $1.50.  

Please remember annual pricing saves your organisation significant admin costs:

  • Processing and paying 12, low value monthly invoices – Cost of invoice processing is estimated at $4 to $25 and can be as high as $50 per invoice. Saving at best $48 or more likely $600 per year of hidden costs.
  • The organisation pays directly. In the past we have had LMS admins using their own credit cards; which seemed unfair to us.


Which payment methods are accepted?

Bank transfer or credit card.


What is an active user?

An “active user” is any user who signs in during the billing period. Once a user has become “active” for the billing period, there is no limit to the number of times he or she can sign in.


How does the free trial work?

All of our plans start with a 15-day free trial so you can test-drive Create LMS. There is no risk, no obligation and no credit card required. At any time during your trial you can upgrade to one of our paid plans and retain all of your branding, settings and information.


Is there a setup fee?

Setup costs $500 per new instance. This annual fee also contributes towards the significant upgrades that happen many times throughout the year.


Can I opt out of upgrades?

No. The platform is a buy now go-live now platform. Features are simply activated on or off within the admin settings panel.
This approach provides tremendous levels of reliability.


Can I change plans?

No – We only have one plan and with all features available fat a low cost.
Switch features on/off from within settings


How much does support cost?

We charge just 15% of the total spend to provide named person support for all your admins.
Support teams will jump onto video web meetings for show and tell and issue reporting as soon as you need help.
See our testimonials. This service works incredibly well.


Is there any limitation on the storage amount for my courses?

There is a 10GB RAM storage limitation. More can be added if needed, yet we do not have a single client doing this yet.


Do you offer an unlimited use enterprise model?

Yes – Enterprise unlimited use model is $40,250

  • Talk to us about optional extras such as SSO, integrations, access to our API’s, content and history migration services
  • Inactive users are free – Please do not delete users as inactive users training records are maintained


Have other questions?

If you have other questions you would like answered about our pricing get in touch with

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