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Membership Organizations provide many valuable services to their members. These include:

  • Training Accreditation and certification
  • Assistance with Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Networking events and conferences – sharing wisdom and best practice
  • Campaign for the benefit of their industry, helping safeguard member interests
  • Acting as a focal point and much much more

CreateLMS works in partnership with membership organizations to:

  • Deliver and track all your different types of training (face to face, webinar, elearning etc)
  • Generate important and significant new revenue streams including:
    • Provide your members with a branded white labeled LMS
    • Resell a content ready LMS to your corporate members (with their look and feel)
    • Sell accredited eLearning or blended learning courses
    • Make it easy for non members to join and for members to benefit
    • Use the LMS to run the training/knowledge transfer side of annual conferences
  • Track all training and CPD and accreditation management helping
    • Increase training adherence and certification compliance
    • Expired members to become current in latest best practices or regain accreditation
  • Helping streamline the membership journey – making it friction free for more members to join

More to follow…

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