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Transport organizations are often quite distributed, as they have individual members, but also have corporate membership clients.
Create LMS can create a master academy with all of the content in it and that can then be distributed out. For example, Great West Trains will have a master academy, but they can take all of the content that they have acquired or built, and they can make that available across all of their subsystems.

The online off-grid is especially important. Imagine in a marine environment, or where connectivity is especially difficult. Train drivers, conductors, people like that doing their job, but at some specific downtimes they’re unable to do it.

Great for seasonal workers

Our LMS is really good for seasonal workers, as we don’t work on the notion of active or inactive uses, we keep all of the users within the platform and we don’t penalize our clients by overcharging for inactive users.

What that means is that all the training, histories and records of everybody are available within the LMS system. We don’t encourage you to delete any records and to keep everything there. So from an adherence and compliance standpoint, you are able to lay your hands on everybody’s training, including people who’ve left the organization. They may come back, say at Christmas time or the summer holidays when the transport terminal gets busy again, you can move that person back into the system and their training records are all automatically up to date.

Single sign on

With single sign on, which is something we support through Active Directory and through any number of single sign on methodologies, we’re able to cross connect with lots of different systems. So everything from PeopleSoft, right the way across to other HRIS systems, such as Active Directory or your Enterprise Service Bus.

Enterprise service bus

The Enterprise Service Bus is used by very well organized large enterprises to map data and have a gateway where we plug in and have an on-ramp and an off-ramp for data and they can then can push that data to disparate systems.

So we’re huge fans of enterprise service buses because they make integration very easy. That basically means that assume someone appears in their systems, they then automatically appear in the training system. Based on their role and their responsibility, the system automatically assigns them all the training they need. And the coaching and mentoring modules are a tremendous help because the way they work from a coaching and mentoring standpoint, is they force line managers to behave in quite a different way.

Coaching and mentoring module

The mentoring system lists all the attributes needed for that particular role and we can take a competency matrix. A competency matrix is rather like an Excel spreadsheet that lists the specific skills needed for a junior person, administrator, conductor or driver, for example. It list the skills and we’re able to match those skills to the roles and then in turn make sure that those skills are being popped up in a very easy to use coaching and mentoring module.

Your line manager might say to you if you’re a bus driver, let’s say on controlling road rage, or handling difficult customers – these might be two of the things that appear in your regular monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual chat. He asks you, how do you think your road rage skills are? You might say, they’re good. Ok, give me an example of your road rage and how you handled the last incident. It’s discussed and your line manager says, ok, I’ll give you four stars – you’re pretty good. The guy rates himself at four stars and you’re tracking all of that. Next time you meet, road rage might be down to two stars because there was an incident, or maybe it’s up to five stars.

LMS spidergrams

So you can now see all of these skills. If you picture the spidergrams in our LMS dashboard reports, imagine if you layered all of those spidergrams on top of each other through the whole organization. You start to visually see how people are doing in their development, where the gaps are in the skills and where the strengths are in the organization.

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