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Out-of-the-box, Augmented Reality (AR), Learning Management System with inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI), coupled with Vision Systems.

Recent business challenges & needs

  • How to hire certify 1,000+ forklift truck drivers per year…
  • When forklift truck certification requires on average 3 days of one to one instruction/training?
  • How to train Casino croupiers
  • How to train Machine Operators

The solution

  1.  Create an Augmented Reality training program which plays/displays training content and actions to be performed in the augmented reality glasses and headphones. = Self paced AR learning.
  2.  Learners can review videos and instructions. Move backwards and forwards through the tasks taking time to build skills consistently.
  3.  The AI processes the vision system recording/data.
  4.  Over time the instructions disapear as the driver progresses from being conciously competent to unconciously competent.
  5.  The progress is tracked, recorded as evidence of competency. Finally, when the standard for achievment is maintained consistently, certification is proposed.

The Outcome & Benefits

  1.  A tracked verifiable record of competency is retained. Useful for security and anti-cheating.
  2.  Consistency of quality is automatically enforced. Best practices are deployed as standard.
  3.  The organisation can now train with greater ease and consistency
  4.  People learn at different speeds. This optimises use of the learner and instructor time.
  5.  Learners are generally progressing faster

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