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Set dates and times for e-learning courses, blended learning and instructor led training (ILT)

  • Shared calendars allow you to set tasks and share
  • Easy to add time to learn and take time to train
  • Allows you to block time out of your diary to schedule time to train
  • Managers can see who is doing what course and when

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Schedule all your organization’s training, regardless of type, all within one place

  • Set repeat classes
  • Prepare training events within minutes
  • Webinar video conferencing capabilities
  • Store knowledge to share, set quizzes to check knowledge has been retained
  • Retain and share information across the organization

Shared calendars allow you to set tasks and share

  • Set classroom, timezone and what language the course is run in
  • Request to join recommended or optional courses
  • Automatically send a meeting request for mandatory courses
  • Learners can see all classes going on

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