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Import your content from different sources
simply and seamlessly.

Remove all the pain associated with importing third-party content into an LMS

  • At CreateLMS, we take the same approach to xAPI (Experience API) as we do with SCORM support.
  • The result is that our SCORM and xAPI functionality allows you to import your content from a number of different sources simply and seamlessly.
  • Record learning information with powerful data collection
  • Send data straight to the LMS or Learning Record Store
  • Web based training and mobile learning.
  • Interoperability with desktops, tablets, phones, simulators and more.

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SCORM greatly reduces the cost of integrating content

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  • SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software, which provides interoperability with other e-learning software.
  • It governs how your online learning content and the CreateLMS learning management system can communicate seamlessly with each other.
  • Because CreateLMS is SCORM compliant, it can play any content that is SCORM compliant.

xAPI: The next generation of SCORM

  • CreateLMS products include xAPI support, whether you want a hosted or installed Learning Record Store (LRS), or you just want to send xAPI activity from your content to the LRS.
  • xAPI (also known as Tin Can API), is a software specification that provides a set of rules for representing the events a learner performs while interacting with an item of learning content.
  • xAPI identifies a learner and their actions and specific learning or content activity.

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  • A learner or administrator can view the data of a particular learner and identify the actions they took across many different activities.
  • Create LMS use xAPI to record events such as instructor certification, reading an e-book, interacting with web videos, virtual reality simulations, assessments and meetings.

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xAPI versus SCORM

  • xAPI enables more advanced uses than SCORM because it can interact with mobile applications and can track a learner’s real life outcomes in addition to their training activities.
  • SCORM, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with tracking training delivered directly from Create LMS.

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