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Do you need to create Instructor Led Assessments or Evaluations?


The CreateLMS platform makes Instructor Led Assessments a breeze.


First; what is an Instructor Led Assessment?

Picture a driving test or skill appraisal where a third party scores competency. The assessor marks a % competency rate which then triggers a pass or fail result.  Both results show up in the reports section facilitating:

  1. Assessment compliance/adherence tracking and progress
  2. Pass or fail results – measured by person, by group/department, by organisation


Why are Instructor Led Assessments so useful to an organisation?

By using Instructor Led Assessments you are able to verify that someone has

  1. Attained a minimum skill level or standard
  2. Completed what they needed to do
  3. Allows third party intervention such as gatekeeping or can act as a milestone trigger – This is perfect for supporting process workflows. For example; Graduation, examinations, assessments, manual processes such as practical exams/test, on-boarding, reviews and more

Many of our clients now migrating many paper based processes to our platform and getting them online and semi automated. The Instructor Led Assessment capability is a great tool for this.

Building these is easy and takes minutes. Use the contact us to see a demo of Instructor Led Assessments in action.


How to build an Instructor Led Assessment in CreateLMS? 

Jump to the admin panel “Courses” – Select one to edit and add or create a NEW course and start adding information

#1 – At the Content Step – Select “Assessment”  and drag into the desired position
#2 – Select the assessors from the dropdown – Assessors are marked as admins or can be department managers – and save
#3 – Optional
– Add other content as desired such as quizzes, video, iFrame, audio, rich text, pictures, slides, attachments or SCORM etc
– Add a certificate and expiry date if desired
– Add in a feedback survey or a time bombed knowledge check
#4 – Press save and assign to learners and departments – Don’t forget to set a complete by date or number of days
– Now you have made the content you can add it to a learning track or pathway

Request access to our SandBox and play for yourself.

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