Single Sign-On

One-click access to all your applications with one password

  • 99.95% uptime guaranteed with AWS hosting.
  • The platform is built using PHP on a Zend framework with migration to Symfony coming soon.
  • HTML and HTML5 with AWS Aurora database.
  • We host across multiple continents with automatic load balancing.
  • All data is mirrored in near real time, meaning risk of max data loss is < 10 minutes (in reality a few seconds).
CreateLMS makes SSO, integrations and APIs easy

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  • Elastic scaling automatically activates when CPU, bandwidth or server hits > 40% usage for more than 1 minute.
  • Media such as video is sent to localised storage buckets in major cities near our clients, which means load times are incredibly fast.
  • Every night a full copy of the platform is taken and stored offsite at our R&D facility in Poland.

Improved user productivity and simplified administration

CreateLMS is makes it easy to add new users

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  • The user does not have to log in by multiple logins and no more multiple usernames and passwords
  • The burden of managing a user account is simplified when the application participates in the SSO protocol

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