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With multiple user types, role skills can be tracked and recorded

  • The role based system provides custom access for administrators, departments and users
  • Bulk import users from a CSV file
  • Map organization’s roles to the LMS and map skills back to roles
  • Data is blinded based on role capabilities
  • See how skills are developing
  • Add new user types and edit existing role types
CreateLMS create custom roles and responsibilities

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Add new roles, responsibilities and capabilities with ease

CreateLMS is makes it easy to manage roles and responsibilities

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  • Master admin can adjust system settings and perform all tasks
  • Academy admin can perform all tasks, but not administer settings
  • Instructors can build and assign classes
  • Department/group managers can see everything within their node/tree level and assign training
  • Regular users can take classes
  • The role capability is set when inviting a user and may be changed at any time by an admin

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