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Deliver training and learning material between an instructor and learners

  • Individuals or groups can learn in a real time environment.
  • Instructors can deliver training in a lecture or classroom format.
  • Provide webinars, interactive workshops and demonstrations.
  • Support virtual learning by utilizing video-conferencing tools.

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ILT Classroom Support

  • Instructors are able to manage offline training from the CreateLMS course builder.
  • A simple, smart and unique tool for all kinds of training needs.
  • Easily set up locations, create courses, sessions, enrol users and manage self-enrollment.
  • Evaluate learners, keep track of their classroom attendance and create reports.

Allow users to collaborate and track activities

  • Use the course builder as a repository to store content.
  • Build workflows and create quizzes.
  • Provide iCal standard invite links to enable learners to drop in to a class.
  • Add webinar joining details and course notes.
  • Set timezone and language.

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Use the CreateLMS platform to share knowledge

  • Remote users can join a class and webinar simultaneously.
  • Instructors can presents materials using the course builder tool or their own desktop.
  • Instructors can run classes across multiple locations.
  • Upload videos to instructor workroom.
  • Get marked and scored with written feedback from instructors.

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Digitize your staff appraisals, coaching & mentoring activities

  • Historically, appraisals were seen as a chore and a stress. Not any more!
  • We have created a very fast and efficient way for people to self develop or for you to manage and track appraisals.
  • The technique is designed to help managers become outstanding coaches by asking questions and ‘steering’ the appraisee to self determine the optimal outcome.
  • The results are engaged employees who feel valued, understand their objectives and know what to do to get to the next level.
  • Skills leaderboards help your talent self develop.
  • Expect to see retention levels soar when you implement Create LMS.

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