How to improve training adherence and compliance?

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Are you looking to improve training adherence and compliance?

Here are 6 simple steps you can take.

Training adherence and compliance is a legal requirement for many organisations and it is critical that you set yourself up for success in this important regard. Here are the 6 steps we recommend all our clients adopt to SMASH poor training adherence and compliance.

#1 – Make sure your Learning Management System (LMS) has a quality reporting capability to help automate and improve training adherence/compliance.

Before you buy or change vendors, test out and map this important capability against your own real-world needs. Is it making it easy for you and reducing your team’s burden. If not move to another vendor. A good LMS will assist and track the following as standard:

  • Did the learner complete the training by the due date – More on the importance of due dates below.
  • What stage and % progress is the learner through the content
  • Did the learner pass or fail – If failed; does the system allow you to see the results and intervene or assist
  • Does the reporting system allow you to track compliance % and numbers by Learner, Group/Department, or by Content/Course?
    Can you easily extract this.
  • Admins and department managers should receive alerts when people become non-compliant. This should be in such away that it makes it easy to chase/escalate.

#2 – Attitude and culture to completing assigned training. Create/deploy a policy of training completion dates

We recommend that all clients set a # of days to complete every piece of the assigned content.
The learner should of course be able to select self-development content from a library to self-pace learn as they desire.

Set complete by dates and make sure pre-hires are using the platform to learn about the new job on offer. Using the LMS for Pre-Hiring success sets the tone and gives recruiters tremendous amounts of hidden insight they will otherwise miss. 
We recommend using this methodology for EVERY course you assign…. If the content is not important enough to have a complete by date; then you shouldn’t be adding to the learners burden. We recommend:

  • 5-7 Days for important training/content
  • 10-14 Days for not so important training/content
  • 20-31 Days for unimportant but useful to have training/content

The LMS makes your training and compliance life easier by:

  1. Assign content to a group of users and set a complete by
  2. Automatically re-assign annual compliance training by auto reassignment e.g: Reassign this class after 365 days and give them 20 days to complete this. How?  This is performed in Course Builder under the Certification section.
  3. Create Groups of users or Departments, assign content and set a flag to automatically assign this content to new joiners of the department and allow the X days to complete the content.
  4. Automatically alert department managers and admins as users become non-compliant

#3 – Promote your adherence/compliance needs/standards within your training manifesto, across HR materials, employee handbooks and especially contracts of employment etc. The later being the most useful and effective as protection when trying to off-board poor performers.

#4 – Don’t drown people with content – Make learning as light as it can be and focus on communicating the learning point as succinctly as possible. This has many benefits:

  1. Learners will appreciate that the training is of high quality and assists them while reducing the time spent on training
  2. This in turn translates back to an attitude of “I need to do it and it will be worthwhile”
  3. Therefore increasing training adherence and compliance

#5 – Use survey tools within the platform to seek feedback on training/course quality and act on this. Use the same tools to run your reviews and appraisals and sit with people to discuss their attitudes/compliance based on the detailed compliance reports.

#6 – Provide “read report” access to department managers, auditors or customers and partners to track training adherence and compliance remotely with ease. This is especially useful for regulated industries and will save you a lot of time.

We would be delighted to chat about your training adherence and compliance needs and to see if we might help. Contact us.

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Screens from our Sandbox – Appalling training compliance shown here

Hopefully these images evidence how easy it is to address a training adherence/compliance problem once you have this granularity/visibility of data.

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