Automate and track employee training and development

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Automatically assign courses, learning tracks/paths and track the results 



Learning tracks and paths

  • Free flow or strict learning paths
  • Set complete by days to track compliance
  • Reduce burden by drip feeding content flow
  • Facilitate bite sized or micro learning
  • Deliver structured programs with ease

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Drive adherence and compliance with complete by days

  • If desired, assign content to users and set a mandatory due date
  • or leave the date open
  • or assign content to groups/departments. If desired auto assign the content to new joiners.
  • Due date helps you track adherence and compliance
  • Reporting and over-due emails drives compliance 

Powerful reporting with filters and export to CSV

  • Learner reports
  • Report by Department/group of users
  • Course reports
  • Assessment, quiz, survey reports
  • Communiques adherence
  • ….. and much more

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