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CreateLMS for faster on-boarding     

Do you want to onboard people faster, with less effort and greater success?


Here are top 10 things you should try:


#1 – Move your pre-hiring and on-boarding processes onto a Learning Management System to help standardize/semi-automate the process.

CreateLMS for faster on-boarding platform

CreateLMS for faster on-boarding platform


#2 – Build bite sized video blogs giving the information new hires will want. Ask colleagues for ideas and use a GoPro camera to easily build helpful vlogs.


#3 – During the hiring process, introduce the candidate to the idea that on-boarding content will be available after contracts have been signed and that they are welcome to start the on-boarding journey as soon as they like. This will reduce their anxiety about being a newbie, the on-boarding burden/time etc. The person should arrive pretty very well informed. Their perception of the organization will be you guys operate a tightly run ship.


#4 – Encourage your performance superstars to create video blogs or presentations. Get them to share their secret sauce, top tips, wisdom, problem solving and experiences. This boosts the superstars esteem/value and allows you to retain wisdom/knowledge.


#5 – As soon as contracts are exchanged; invite the new hire to begin consuming the on-boarding content which might include:

  • Helpful travel information. Arrival and parking information or site safety 
  • Use of facilities such as canteens, EV charging, gym etc
  • Introduce teams or people they will need to engage with e.g. IT department: Getting their laptop and access to systems. HR, Reception and their own team. A quick 2 minute video ‘hello’ will be appreciated.
  • Cover quirky things about the business and anything that can put them at ease or help them to feel comfortable and ready to perform at their best. e.g Holidays, expenses policy, sickness etc.

Our largest client has reduced on-boarding time from 35hrs of intensive training down to a focused 6hrs. Saving over $36M a year, across 164,814 users and increasing average time in post by 27%.   


#6 – Create a CEO or Senior Management Team welcome address. – An intro about the business or maybe a town hall style meeting:

  • Goals objectives for the year – with progress updates – Share useful historical updates
  • Challenges that the business is suffering and needs addressing. Threats and opportunities the organisation wants to solve/leverage
  • It should not all be ra-ra-ra – be honest, pragmatic (within reason) – the person joining in most cases will want to help make a difference. It’s great to know what the difference is.
  • Cover the history, successes, how have you got the where you are today.
  • Key competitors and how to beat these.
  • Sales playbooks and best practice examples for sales people and other departmental specific content relevant to them
  • Highlights for the year ahead and important information such as product releases etc

#7 – Use reporting to track content consumption and progress through the on-boarding process.


#8 – Create quizzes with pass/fail – This allows you to focus your energies on people who need help.  For example:  Do you have your laptop yet?  No = Fail – This allows you to step in and assist only those in need. This can be a huge time saver.

  • Help new hires understand that the LMS helps them consume content and therefore reduce the on-boarding burden for them… but also to others. It saves time and increases consistency and quality.
  • Set # days to complete this content – this drives the adherence and compliance metrics within reports. (I am always amazed at how a persons poor training record and their ability to moan/under perform always seem to go hand in hand :-).
  • Keep helpful/watchful eye on a new hires compliance to content consumption.
  • Add line managers so they can oversee their new hires journey/reports/progress.
  • You can also create Instructor Led Assessments where a line manager “graduates” the new hire and signs off on their capabilities.


#9 – Use the LMS to conduct surveys, assessments, reviews, appraisals e.g:.

  • Do they feel confident to start taking customer calls?
  • Check and calculate knowledge gained – do they have the skills yet? Test for knowledge gaps. This enables faster/focused conversations with line managers and mentors.
  • Survey the on-boarding experience and ideas for future improvement
  • Use company wide surveys to learn about issues that most likely are hidden. E.G:  Does harassment exist?  What could we do to solve customer complaints or wastage etc


#10 – Use the news feed to introduce new hires and encourage buddying up.

CreateLMS for faster on-boarding News Feed

CreateLMS for faster on-boarding News Feed

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