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a ‘how to’ video guide for pre-hiring and recruitment success


Thoughts, ideas and top tips on how to reduce the hiring burden, saving time cost and most importantly avoiding miss-hires.


By adding your job applicants to the CreateLMS platform you can provide useful information about the company, role and recruitment process. The beauty of this is you can see who is actively engaged or not and test for skills and knowledge. Do this to reduce the number of interviews and add suitable candidates to the next step of the hiring process automatically and without bias.

You do this by creating the following departments to hold groups of users – build content once, assign it to the department and set it so that new users are auto assigned the content. You can also add a deadline for completion for example 7 days to track adherence and compliance.

  • Pre-Hiring
  • Hiring – Did not proceed
  • On-boarding

You will be amazed at what you learn about the candidates.

  1. Who completes on time – who does not even bother to log on
  2. Surveys allow you to ask creative questions and seek answers for example problem solving skills
  3. Conduct quiz or assessments to verify skills/capabilities
  4. Quality content gives your candidates a great introduction to the organisation and possibly role. It can also communicate clearly the challenges, expectations and your needs.

Most clients that deploy a pre-hiring strategy interview just 1-3 candidates before making an offer and almost all accept.

It also leads nicely onto the on-boarding process to get new hires more effective in role faster.

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