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Do you want to increase employee engagement, retention or employer brand?

The CreateLMS platform is specifically designed to help you engage and retain people for longer in X steps:

  1. Quickly and easily create content – this makes training and education a breeze.
    –  It means your internal super-stars, those that perform above and beyond or have found ways to solve problems can share this wisdom across the business in minutes not days.
    –  Your issue on a Wednesday morning could be new enlightening content delivered and pushed widely by lunchtime the same day
  2. Skills and career growth is one of the best ways to retain people for longer.
    –  Our amazing content partners supply content on almost every imaginable topic.
    –  If desired; your learners can perform self-paced learning on any topic they like
    –  If appropriate, managers can recommend or assign content to their teams directly as needed
  3. Conduct satisfaction surveys, pulse checks, intent or feedback loops automatically, with ease – Seek opinion to understand and drive thinking/strategy/action – Then share the blinded results widely if appropriate
    –  Ask single, multi-choice or free-text response questions with up to 5,000 words
    –  Export the data to CSV for further analysis
    –  Use the blinded graphical reports to show that you are listening and being fully transparent
  4. Increase and automate annual reviews from either never to happening right the way down to monthly.
    –  Migrate your existing process to the platform and semi-automate to reduce the burden
    –  Line managers will spend a fraction of the time they used to and gain far greater insight
  5. Check in on job satisfaction and discover possible intent to leave using Net Promotor Score methodology (NPS)
    –  Be brave…. don’t be afraid to ask. If you hear answers you don’t like investigate further and either climb back under the rock or change
    –  You will be amazed at how quickly engagement and retention rates change as soon as you start investigating and adapting

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