Why is Staff Engagement Important and What Benefits Will It Deliver to your Business?

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staff engagement

Companies that have the knack of retaining staff outperform their competitors by a major margin and the whole cycle becomes self-propelling.

High quality, employee engagement process is one of the most important business strategies you can copy and deploy.
With CreateLMS Staff engagement is completely free, takes almost zero time/effort to build/deploy…. and best of all is mostly automated.

Failing to focus on employee engagement… would be like running a marathon with a bear suit on or a stone in your trainer… Why bother to take the pain? You don’t need to.

Important statistics and outcomes for employee engagement – This is why you should engage your teams.


It is reported that;

  • 85% of Employees Are Most Motivated When Internal Communications Are Effective!
  • Companies with a Thriving Corporate Culture Achieve Over 4x Higher Revenue Growth!
  • Recognition Is the Most Important Motivator for 37% of Employees!

staff engagement

What does this mean?

Simply put, if you require the best output from your employees you need to constantly engage with them, figure out;

  • What progress they’ve made
  • How effectively they’re growing
  • What troubles or challenges are they facing regarding their work
  • What feedback they have to offer and how it can better improve their effectiveness.

For most, doing the above is painful, takes time and adds cost. This need not be the case.

Focusing on staff engagement yields many benefits, it is reported that;

  • Companies with satisfied employees outperform their competitors by 20%.
  • Salespeople who are happy generate 37% more sales.

staff engagement

  • Engaged teams earn 21% more profit than disengaged teams.

staff engagement


This is where CreateLMS comes in…  the perfect solution to improve staff engagement and retention rates.

As standard and at no cost, CreateLMS gives you the capability to survey your employees, figure out how well they’re performing and how they can be better improved.

With CreateLMS you get to;

  • Conduct surveys quickly and easily – Get feedback in minutes
  • Gain insight and share findings with graphical reporting
  • Find and organise/develop your superstars & future leaders
  • Engage your people like never before!

staff engagement

All this and more is what we offer at CreateLMS. A platform that solves issues with staff engagement using an app-like experience that is semi-automated, consistent and process-driven.  Our teams make sure you excel and have the platform to make it happen.

So get in touch and let’s show you this in action and within 60 minutes you will know how to fix your current engagement issues.

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With over 1,000 LMS platforms available to you, we don’t claim to be unique…

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