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LMS Training Platform

Our LMS training platform can be used to automate and track employee training across your business. Create online training courses to educate and engage your staff using our intuitive user interface. 

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Promote, share and monetize your learning content Simple ecommerce swich on Sell your courses online via Stripe or PayPal Automatically add users who purchase courses A public URL allows customers to purchase online Corporations can train contractors (click to view...


Blended Learning LMS

Choose the best LMS for Blended LearningA new, hybrid teaching methodology E-learning is combined with traditional classroom methods and independent study. Blended learning brings together self paced elearning, classrooms and video web meetings.  It is a fundamental...

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With over 1,000 LMS platforms available to you, we don’t claim to be unique…

…but our customers say we’ve reduced their training costs and time, with faster on-boarding and more engaged staff who stay longer in post.

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