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Choose the best LMS for Blended Learning

A new, hybrid teaching methodology

  • E-learning is combined with traditional classroom methods and independent study.
  • Blended learning brings together self paced elearning, classrooms and video web meetings. 
  • It is a fundamental change in the way teachers and students approach the learning experience.
  • Its incredibly efficient and makes remote training far more enjoyable.

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Blend face-to-face training, webinars and elearning into a single course or learning journey

  • Maybe offer a pre-learn using eLearning to prepare for a face to face &/or video web meeting
  • Start the meeting in class and online. Jump into break out rooms, share screen, run surveys.
  • Sessions can be recorded and automatically added to the elearning class.
  • Users who could not attend can watch the workshop and participate later.

Blended learning under Course Builder comes with ILT (Instructor Led Training)

  • Set up ILT, blended learning and classroom events
  • Assign and Automatically add to training calendar
  • iCal meeting invites are sent by email with joining details
  • Senior managers can see who’s attending what course and when
  • Set up recurring training events or workshops

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