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Do you want to streamline your online and offline training and education?

CreateLMS can help bring all modes of training, education, people development together in one place, including:

  1. elearning, self paced learning, online education, communiques, quizzes, assessments, learning tracks and pathways certification etc
  2. Instructor led training (ILT) and blended learning classrooms, assessments, webinars etc.
  3. External training and management of certificates: Acting as a central repository for your teams external training eg. fork lift truck driving or fire safety etc.
  4. Reviews, appraisals, pulse checks, feed back loops and surveys
  5. Training adherence and compliance reporting with detailed, graphical and drill-able reporting of all of the above including:  Completion by target due date, pass fail result, time spent training and % scores

The CreateLMS platform supports the needs of:

  • Enterprise clients, SMB and even startups that want to nail processes and training right from the earliest days.
  • Trainers that want to move their training business online with a mixed model of face to face, Zoom/webinar style training and elearning.
  • Franchise organisations that want to keep franchisees educated, up-to-date and/or qualified/certified.
  • eLearning content creatives that want to sell training and education online

How to streamline your online and offline training and education?

#1 – Find a quality Learning and Content Management System & an AMAZING PARTNER – who will get to know and love you.

  • All features enabled as standard with simple easy to understand pricing
  • Free and frequent upgrades 
  • Inactive users should be free and training histories maintained
  • Above average Security and Disaster recovery processes that are routinely tested
  • Provide a dedicated team able to jump on at minimal notice for show and tells and hand holding

#2 – A LMS or LCMS platform that has all the features you need.

  • Be explicit about your needs, share your objectives and goals, try and think through your edge cases.
  • The vendor should be able to show you the features you need in action before you buy or commit in writing a feature delivery date with compensation plan if that date is missed.
  • They should be able to provide detailed metrics on uptime and number of tickets per 1,000 users and downtime in the last few years. along with average ticket open time.
  • With over 1,000 LMS vendors and therefore choice it will become stressful as you try to compare one with the other. Try to put this aside and measure objectively on features you need.
  • Ask the vendor for at least 3 client introductions and be sure to ask references about:   #1 Service issues  #2 Billing and costs   #3 Upgrades and new feature  #4 Support and training   #5 How long did it take for them to go-live and how easy is the platform to live with by all types of users – Admins, Department Managers, general users.

#3 – Go-Live – Streamlining online and offline training and education – Best practice methodology

Phase 1 – Takes on average 2-4 weeks – Although Nick managed to be training his people within 90 minutes and live reporting shortly after:

  1. Get help lifting the load expand the L&D team if needed user your best practice super stars or ask the vendor for help. Talk to us about this as it can make a huge difference.
    – If new –  Training goals by user group type/department, content list/titles, lesson plan. If this becomes big break it down into phases so as not to feel overwhelmed. Ask us for a session on this. Our content builders are highly affordable and can help.
    – If you are migrating LMS vendors think about how the vendor will help migrate content and training histories
  2. Create your groups/departments
  3. Build content and assign to departments for auto assignment to new users and set a complete by date.
    –  Content can be made in bite-sized form and turned into learning pathways and tracks where content can follow your desired path and complete by dates
  4. Add users by import, cut and paste or SSO or other integration and assign to departments for auto content assignment to users
  5. Check the reports for adherence and compliance

Phase 2 

  • Switch on news feeds and start conducting reviews and appraisals
  • Work with your senior leadership team to understand if strengthening the following processes would help or be useful. We can help demo this and share best practices around:
    –  Pre-hiring and recruitment process
    –  On-boarding 
    –  Reviews, surveys, to strengthen engagement
    –  Adding external content for ongoing people and career development
    –  The concept of teach first – where leaders/managers assist the L&D team in sharing wisdom, values, knowledge and best practices across the business 

We hope you found this useful. We would be delighted to learn more about your needs and assist you where we can.

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