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Are you looking for Important HR statistics about training and education?

We hope these top 5 HR statistics about the need and importance of training/education help you.

It absolutely astonishes us the number of idiots in senior leadership roles (even CEOs) who on one hand will argue that they know training and education are critical for business success but on the other hand starve it of the resource, time and investment it needs/deserves.

The reverse of these idiots is organisations like Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, Nike, Google and others who evidence their significant investment in L&D by their outstanding operations and business performance measures.

If you are swimming against such a tide…  Good luck… Lean on us – We are here to help you every step of the way and to help you record and report on the massive ROI that this project will deliver.

As we often see. Many projects are quickly kicked down the ‘not today road’…. do not despair. Know that sadly the World has way too many second rate leaders and managers who delay/procrastinate in starting such brilliant and profitable endeavours. You may be appreciated elsewhere. Know that 70% of employees who lack confidence in the abilities of senior leadership aren’t fully engaged. (Dale Carnegie)

  1. High-performing companies spend 1.5 to 2 times more on leadership/training than other companies and reap results that are triple or quadruple the levels of their competitors. (Global Human Capital Trends 2015, Deloitte, February 2015)
  2. More than two-thirds of Millennials believe it’s management’s job to provide accelerated development opportunities to encourage them to stay. (Becoming Irresistible, Deloitte, February 2015)
  3. Top 5 pieces biggest considerations job seekers take into account before accepting a job offer: Salary and compensation, Career growth opportunities, Work-life balance, Location/commute, Company culture and values. (Glassdoor survey, October 2014)
  4. 60% of Millennials consider the most attractive perk to be growth opportunities (Glassdoor survey, March 2013)
  5. 46% of Millennials left their last job due to a lack of career growth. (Glassdoor survey, March 2013)

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