LMS Designed For Training Companies – Curriculo Solutions Moved Their Training Online With Create LMS

How does Curriculo Solutions use Create LMS?

Curriculo uses Create LMS to efficiently deliver and monetize their training content and programs, they:

  • Build eLearning courses for self-paced learning and preparation. Some of these include surveys, quizzes and assessments to understand the learner base line level of competency/understanding.
  • Conduct blended learning workshops, webinars. This allows instructors, learners and groups to come together online or in face-to-face classroom settings.
  • Verify knowledge absorption and competency using quizzes, surveys, assessments, knowledge checks and to track learner progress/compliance.
  • Issue, manage and track certification.

The Create LMS removes all of the IT headaches and allows Curriculo to deploy at scale their content/programs to a variety of enterprise clients, educational establishments, pharmacists and professional athletes.

We have been very impressed by the quality of content and have made access to this easy for our clients via an affordable subscription model.

What is Curriculo’s specialty?

  • Management and leadership skills – Negotiation – Decision making & problem solving – Account management and more.
  • Industry engagement – Helping pupils or young hires transition successfully in the workplace – Career management and progression.
  • Specialist programs for pharmacists and professional athletes – Career progression and management.
  • Issue, manage and track certification.

Their portfolio includes 60+ elearning courses, blended learning (ILT) programs and workshops.

How has Curriculo benefitted by using the Create LMS platform?

Benefits have been many:

Based on their face-to-face training programs we created 60+, very high-quality eLearning classes as SCORM files. This IP is incredibly valuable and can be licensed separately out with the Create LMS platform.

Curriculo has learned how to protect this IP and create new sources of revenue. We have appointed dedicated account management resource to help manage their customers and content creation. This frees the team to do what they do best – Train!

The eLearning classes can be mixed and matched into different learning tracks and pathways thereby creating programs and learning journeys. These ease in which these can be adjusted allows Curriculo to create custom offerings or new programs for clients in minutes.

By using the blended learning capability within the platform Curriculo have been able to create highly engaging programs and courses where learners conduct self paced learning, then the class comes together locally or online via webinar. Each workshop is automatically recorded and made available to those who could not attend.

Coming together physically in a classroom is incredibly valuable and learners have raved about this. With peers joining the physical class via webinar from different Countries on a big screen.

Curriculo trainers are absolute masters at conveying the learning points and engaging not only people in the room but those online – A magical learning experience that brings teams together helping relationships meld.

Happy engaged learners mean happy clients! – Happy clients tell others, act as references and buy more programs. Sales are up!.

Enterprise clients are blown away at the efficiency of the training and delivery. The time and cost savings have been immense.

Curriculo are by their own admission techno-phoebes. With minimal training, they have been able to build a fantastic selection of course which are available for subscription on the Create LMS platform. A whole new revenue stream.

Curriculo has clients who needa LMS and would like to use it with the Curriculo content but als add their own and manage their training. Curriculo wins again as the LMS license generates a healthy commission for Curriculo.

Create LMS has enabled them to scale by combining the appropriate use of self paced learning and webinar. Revenues are up and new income streams delivered. Today; Curriculo is delivering training while they sleep in the form of self-paced eLearning which can be completed at the convenience of the learner.

Customers are spending more. Programs can be scaled faster and with ease across an organization. Learning time is reduced so a WIN for all.

What does Curriculo think about Create LMS?

Karen wrote: I have known and worked with Mark and the Create LMS team for 3 years now. I have been encouraged by the approach they take which is quite genuinely about giving their customers what they need. The service from start to right now has not changed – it is responsive and solutions focused.

Whilst the great service is important, it is also critical that we have a ‘product’ that is great – the LMS is intuitive and simple to use. We worked with Nigel to get our courses set up and in working order – he is fabulous and we continue to work with him even now. What I like about this LMS is that it is easy to use – the focus is on the learning and not on the tech – although I am very aware that it is the tech that makes it great.

I love that Mark and the team are continuously focused on improvements and I particularly love the ‘no problem is too difficult for us to fix’ attitude of the team. I cannot recommend this team and this LMS enough.

Karen Glen – Director – Curriculo Solutions Ltd

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