New Feature – Quickly Deploy Custom Reviews, Appraisals or Instructor Led Assessments

Would you like to automate reviews, lms surveys, appraisals or instructor led assessments? Now you can with Create LMS.

The Problem: Reviews, Appraisals & Instructor Led Assessments Are Not As Easy As They Should Be…


Create LMS Review Forms builder will transforms reviews appraisals or assessments The benefits of taking time to engage and reflect are well understood… However, getting around to doing it has always proven elusive and challenging. For SME it is nigh on impossible when resource constrained.

Almost every week we hear about business leaders and entrepreneurs moaning about employee retention…. without ever stopping to think:

  • Do I listen or seek out employee feedback?
  • Do I ever act on this feedback?
  • When people leave – Do I just dump the work on others?

We wanted to make it quick and easy for you to engage and understand. For example:

  • Capabilities, expectations, frustrations & inefficiencies etc..
  • How the process might be improved and made easier.
  • Their mental well being, skill gaps, motivation, pay etc…

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle.

“Our mission is to help leaders and learners come together and facilitate this outcome.

The Create LMS Solution, make Reviews, LMS surveys, Appraisals and Instructor Led Assessment easy, enjoyable, and semi-automated in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Build your custom Review Form template or edit existing.

Just select ‘New’ in the upper right or select the three dots to edit existing template.


Quickly build, deploy and report on reviews, appraisals and one to ones.


Helping you be SMART – Using your own defined measurement scales –

  • Standardize possible outcomes or measurements of performance, progress. In the image here taken from our sales team appraisal. You can see we are inspiring our sales people to attain an Excellent rating across 20 sales topics.
    • The system is flexible enough to cope with almost any scenario; allowing: No ratings, Numerical ratings or Text ratings as shown above.
  • Add in the items to measure or be discussed. We call these ‘competencies. The purpose of this is to help managers become coaches. To drive discussion, debate and agreement for rating. Notes allow both parties to see the agreed outcome/feedback.
    • Now the sales manager has a tool, built in under 15 minutes to quickly measure the team and is used over.
    • Progress is tracked.
    • In our own use case. The sales person scoring excellent in all 20 elements will join the Platinum Achievers Club and be rewarded with a 5 days additional holiday time off and $bonus to either spend on an awesome family holiday or use as desired.

The competency acts as a driver for open ended conversation for managers who are not naturally good coaches.


The rating which should be fair and motivational is ideally agreed upon by both with notes being agreed to document any actions, objectives and timelines.

Step 2 – Use course builder to add in the Review Form.

Create content using course builder in the normal way and add in the desired Review Form – using the Assessment content type.


Create new course or content in a single click – Here we select ‘edit course’.


We are at ‘step-4-Content’ element in course builder.

Drag the evaluation element across to where needed and select the form from the list. This allows you to add self paced learning or other content ahead of a review or instructor led assessment.

The clever thing as shown below is that in step 6 of course builder we can combine a survey on fairness or other useful feedback for examples ideas on how the business process for their role might be improved. These can be: Single/multi choice or free text feedback.

These can show after course completion or be time bombed. For example, maybe a check point 30 days after the review.


Step 6 in content builder allows you to deploy surveys and gather feedback, ideas and leave the employee feeling fully engaged. The graphical reports help you share blinded findings.

Step 3 – Assign the Course to groups of users as a course or as a standalone Review Form Assign the Review Form.

  1. 1. Either as part of content shown above.
  2. 2. Or assign the review form directly to the learner.

In both cases the review form shows up in the learner panel for their review and ready for the assigned owner/s of the form who complete it. A handy email for the coach/manager which contains a link directly to the form. They should ideally (best practice and for greatest effect/value) book a one-to-one meeting to go through each topic and rate together. Although of course you don’t have to do that.


The manager/coach should ideally run a one2one over coffee and go through the evaluation together using a fair and motivational scoring table.


In this example the learner is guided and results tracked.


In this learner panel they can access their review at any time.


This is fast and effective for all stakeholders and compliance is made easy. The learning’s and feedback are caught not only here but also in the surveys. This helps bi-pass poor or unfair managers.

“A leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.” –

Nelson Mandela

How do I get started?

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