Why Hiring Takes Longer Than It Should & How to Fix It


The Average time-to-hire across all industries is 3-4 weeks. To reduce hiring time, companies need to adopt new and efficient strategies.


67% of respondents say it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to schedule a single interview.

60% of recruiters say that they regularly lose candidates before they’re able to schedule an interview.


Why does it take so long to hire good candidates and fill positions? Why are recruiters regularly losing candidates? And why is scheduling a single interview such a hassle? Well, the simple answer in almost all cases would be a lack of a properly structured hiring process. This is where CreateLMS leads the pack when it comes to hiring and onboarding like a ROCK-STAR! The steps are simple:

1.   Build once, use over and over; recruit content, allowing candidates to learn more. Include:

  • Intro about the business and what you do, the culture, etc
  • Companies’ goals, ambitions, and challenges to address.
  • About the role, the challenges faced, the benefits, types of people who will succeed, and people that would not suit the role. Be honest and open…
  • If a technical or skillful role creates a quiz to test competency

2. Add in a survey at the end asking 2-3 open-ended questions. These will be used in the interview. Assign this content to your candidates and ask them to complete it within a predefined time normally 2-4 days.

3. Check system reports and survey responses. Your candidates will either consume the content or not. Everyone’s progress is tracked.

The top 2-3 will surface automatically to the top because:

  • They are engaged.
  • Can evidence skill/competency.
  • Simply invite them to interview.

4. In the interview – Use their survey responses and quiz answers to shape the interview flow.

The content is quick and easy to build and we can also do it for you if needed. The wonderful thing about doing this is that new hires are already far further down the ‘onboarding’ pathway than ever before. Be prepared to make an offer quickly and when accepted start them off with an onboarding program as soon as contracts are signed. We would be delighted to show you this in action. Contact us and ask to be added to our demo hiring process.

Retain knowledge
Broadcast best practice
Onboard faster
Delight customers
Reduce errors
Train consistently
Train with ease
Share wisdom with ease
Enable best practice
Grow revenue
Reduce costs
Reduce wastage
Reduce errors
Increase profit
Learn from the frontline troops
Feedback is made easy
Engaged teams delight
I feel motivated
This is a great place to work
I feel LOVED
I make a difference
Reduce onboarding drag
Drive efficiency
I feel valued
I have the skills needed for my role
My boss values me
My manager helps me grow
I have this
I ❤️ my job
We are inclusive
We are respectful
When work is fun it’s not work

Take your business to the next level. Train - Engage - Retain