Why CreateLMS?   –   Our Story

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Why Create an LMS? – Our Story

CreateLMS is an innovative technology company, founded in 2013 to solve frustrating HR problems that impact growth, customer delight and PROFIT! We have been growing rapidly and winning awards since 2015.

We were all working for Unicorn businesses; growing at scary rates… our challenge has always been:

“HOW THE HELL DO I:  HIRE, TRAIN & RETAIN PEOPLE”….. without it killing us & enabling them to play their BEST game, day in day-out?”   

We all know that people make a business….

  • Hiring a ‘muppet or two’ disrupts teams, kills mojo, annoys customers & destroys growth.
  • Poor onboarding saps the life out of your newbies and the people forced to deliver it – first impressions count!
  • When we don’t bother to educate, learn or share best practices – quality and consistency slip
  • Net effect – People bugger off and the whole process starts over.

We wanted, sorry desperately needed an incredibly simple, reliable, scalable and easy to use LMS platform that was HIGHLY affordable.

Back in 2011-13 an LMS was almost impossible to use and stupidly expensive. At that time we had built a very cool Clinical Trials platform called “Patient Reminders.” This quickly got acquired by Quintiles in 2013 and with our new found pot of $ we decided to go and build the LMS we always wanted and SOO desperately needed.

Using the skills gained in building global, mobile friendly, platforms used in the highly regulated clinical trials industry… we set about building CreateLMS… Two years later we had migrated from Beta and clients loved the ease of use, reliability and COST!

Today our clients are:

  1. Hiring the best candidates we can with minimal effort – Conduct less interviews. Hire based on competency and reduce social bias within the hiring process.
  2. Onboarding new hires and get them effective fast! – It drove me nuts that on average a sales guy would take 3 months before they made a difference or not!
  3. Up-skilling and training/educating people – For over 20 years our founders, worked in the clinical trials industry, where he struggled to make training easy, efficient and enjoyable for his teams, customers, contractors, patients and medical staff. “clients were flying hundreds and sometimes thousands of people around the World to investigator meetings and training events”. It was outrageously expensive and unsustainable.
    Online learning systems started to appear in the 2000s, but they were: “expensive, hard to use, annoyingly bad, and unreliable.” Something needed to be done!
  4. Improving training adherence and compliance Operating in the highly regulated clinical trials industry we needed to be able to evidence training adherence and compliance to our large pharma clients and regulatory bodies if ever needed. Excel spreadsheets DO NOT cut it!
  5. Engaging and retaining people in post longer – We learned that by asking frontline troops how they would solve issues they faced. That we found and implemented fixes faster but that empowering people also meant they felt they made a difference and stayed in post longer.

By 2016, we were winning awards and supporting over 200,000 learners. Today, that number exceeds 1 million users worldwide.

Our smallest customer has just 6 users, our largest 179,614 (as at April-21); and for every 100,000 users, we average just 2 support calls per week!

Competitors make a big fuss about start-up, heading towards go-live and more…. this all translates to the BIG BUCKS.  GET REAL PEOPLE – Its just an app and a process! – Both can and should be made easy, reliable & scaleable…. Affordable…. & that’s what we have done.  

Since 2015 the platform has not had a single minute of downtime due to our robust Software Development Lifecycle, unique hosting approach, security and disaster recovery models.

We have a strong reputation for a leading-edge product, but we don’t sit back. Constant product updates and enhancements flow monthly… Its all part of what every customer gets for FREE when they chose the CreateLMS platform.

We offer you an easy to use, best in class, highly affordable, learning platform; and we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled service to our band of loyal customers. Every client no matter how small is given a dedicated point of contact for one to one support.

Sounds too good to be true?   Start your free trial to:

  1. Test the ease of use/service and see our unique features.
  2. Meet our awesome support team. Be treated like a rockstar.
  3. See how easy we have made it for you to:  Hire – Train – Retain.

Due to ease of use – Most clients are delivering training programs and classes within 90 minutes of getting the keys.

We also offer an “outsourced L&D service. It’s a sad fact of life that most clients’ HR + L&D teams are resource constrained.

To counter this, we have an awesome, highly affordable team on hand to help you deliver your LMS strategy, goals, project and content with less stress and effort. Rates start at $35 and we have teams that can build your programs whatever they are.

We LOVE this industry, our clients and the incredible journeys we take together.

In 2020 we started innovating in:

Immersive Video360, Augmented Reality and Virtual reality – and have built a platform to help you build, manage and deploy content.

Artificial Intelligence – Getting rapidly to the learning point and discovering hidden teaching gems in vast data pools of content

We would be thrilled to show you the platform and our latest innovations.

Use the contact us form or the “Book a demo” button to set up a call.


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