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Who are we?

CreateLMS is an innovative technology company, founded in 2013 to solve frustrating problems!

For over 20 years our founder, Mark Taggart, worked in the clinical trials industry, where he struggled to make training easy, efficient and enjoyable for his teams, customers, contractors, patients and medical staff. “We were flying thousands of people around the World to investigator meetings and training events”. It was outrageously expensive and unsustainable.

Online learning systems started to appear in the 2000s, but they were: “expensive, hard to use, annoyingly bad, and unreliable.”

So Mark decided to create something better.

By 2016, we were winning awards and supporting over 200,000 learners. Today, that number exceeds 1 million users worldwide. Our smallest customer has just 6, our largest 179,614 (as at April-21); and for every 100,000 users, we average just 2 support calls per week! Since 2015 the platform has not had a single minute of downtime due to our robust Software Development Lifecycle, unique hosting approaching, security and disaster recovery models.

We have a strong reputation for a leading-edge product, but we don’t sit back. Constant product updates and enhancements are all part of what you get when you use the CreateLMS platform. Cloud-based, with a global reach, we operate across the UK, Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific; and we still work with many of our original customers today.

We offer you an easy to use, best in class, highly affordable, learning platform; and we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled service to our band of loyal customers. Every client no matter how small is given a dedicated point of contact for one to one support.


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Our team and platform will help you develop strategies to combat the following:

  1. Training and education – Online elearning, self paced, face to face, blended and ILT training, Augmented Reality. One platform for all aspects of training and education.

  2. Hire smarter – Spend less time interviewing, gain visibility of a candidates skills. Get greater certainty on hiring outcomes.
  3. Onboard faster – Build super slick on-boarding journeys that delight new hires. Reduce team wide burden and increases retention.
  4. Communicate, engage and motivate – Reach out, survey, conduct reviews/appraisals with ease – Use insight to drive change and performance gains.
  5. Retain people for longer  


Helping you make an exponential impact on: Quality, performance, profit and retention.


We work with the following industries:

Training & Membership Associations

Aviation Industry

Technology & Retail

Environmental Services

Facilities Management

Healthcare & Clinical Trials

A few of our great customers



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Sal Cuffari - Lead LMS Implementation Project Manager Comcast
Sal Cuffari - Lead LMS Implementation Project Manager
When I was looking for an LMS, CreateLMS stood out as one that we could work with due to their approach on user licensing and ease of use. Setting up... Read More
Nick Lyons
Training Companies who need an LMS Terri wrote: I researched a number of E-learning platforms prior to finding CreateLMS, and these guys stood out a ... Read More
Terri Griffiths - Founder  Telephone Trainers Ltd
Terri Griffiths - Founder
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Karen Glen Curriculo Solutions Ltd
Karen Glen

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