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AR & AI In the LMS Industry – 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Them.

Moving Learning Management Systems from their traditional platforms to something more rooted in User Experience is the future for the LMS industry. Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence integration will definitely be a driving force in determining which LMS systems are still standing in the future and delivering quality training experiences to their users.

A good example of a platform that has made use of AI & AR functions to facilitate better user and learning experiences is CreateLMS. Below are a few images of how the CreateLMS facilitates AR learning and helps you effectively deliver high-quality training, something that will be a big asset in the future as technology advances.

STEP 1 – Teach the process and best practices using video, audio, slides, etc – even access user guides


STEP 2 – The technician is being shown where and what to do in the correct order


STEP 3 – Technician performs the task – which can be recorded if needed


We had the problem of how to help companies who needed more hands-on training experience, companies who trained machine operators, technicians, casino croupiers, and so forth. How exactly could we help these guys learn better? Make their learning more experience-based as there are just some things that can’t be learned by just watching a screen but actually putting these ideas into action. 

The solution we came up with was an Augmented Reality training program that displays training content and actions to be performed in a pair of augmented reality glasses and headphones, a sort of self-paced AR learning.

It allowed learners to be able to review videos and instructions just like the images you’ve seen above, move through the tasks taking their time to hold the skills consistently. The powerful AI processes the vision system recording/data flawlessly and over time the instructions disappear as the learner progresses from being consciously competent to unconsciously competent. The progress is tracked and recorded as evidence of competency and adherence. Finally, when the standard for achieving the right results is met, a certification appears. It’s a very streamlined process that takes a total newbie from novice to pro, step by step with a second to none visual experience. 

The benefits are: 

  •  A tracked verifiable record of competency is retained. Useful for security and anti-cheating.
  •  The consistency of quality is automatically enforced. Best practices are deployed as standard.
  •  The organization can now train with greater ease and consistency
  •  People learn at different speeds. This optimizes the use of the learner and instructor time.

These and more are what the CreateLMS platform is capable of providing to your company, helping you drastically improve your training methodology with ease!

To learn more about the features we provide in detail, book a demo of the platform and get started as soon as possible.