AR & Ai in The LMS Industry – 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Them

User Experience is the future for the LMS industry. Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence integration will definitely be a driving force in helping learners have a joyful experience.

A good example of a platform that has made use of AI & AR functions to facilitate better user and learning experiences is Create LMS.

Significant staff turnover seems to be becoming the new norm. Losing experienced machine operators and engineers is painful and expensive. Using Create LMS and our Augmented Reality ‘on the job’ training solutions you are making new hire onboarding faster and easier as they can mostly self serve.

The benefits of ‘on-the-job training’ using AR and AI are significant:

  • Reduced risk and improved consistency/quality, especially in more complex or dangerous scenarios.
  • Faster time to effectiveness. A more joyful user experience. The user relies less on memory.
  • Build training once and use over. Cost effective to deploy.

In the scenario below vehicle technicians are being taught a repair process using HoloLens and guided through the repair journey to success with all details easily at hand along with helpful how to videos.


STEP 1 – Teach the process and best practices using video, audio, slides, etc – even access user guides and detailed instructions such as torque settings.

STEP 2 – The technician is being shown where and what to do in the correct order


STEP 3 – Technician performs the task – which can be recorded if needed.


Why did we build Augmented Reality and AI capabilities into the Create LMS platform? Many of our clients need a more hands-on interactive training experience. Use cases have included:

  • Machine and robot operators,
  • Technicians and engineers,
  • Casino croupiers,
  • Forklift truck drivers to scale up a workforce of 1,000 certified drivers,
  • Support teams for remote visually aided support in the field,
  • Dangerous work processes.

With advances in glasses and heads up displays we chose Augmented Reality training and set about building software that our clients and teams could use to build their own Augmented Reality training programs.

This approach enables your subject matter experts to create content that will help those that need to learn.

It allowed learners to be able to review videos and instructions just like the images you’ve seen above, move through the tasks taking their time to hold the skills consistently.

The powerful AI processes the vision system recording/data flawlessly and over time the instructions disappear as the learner progresses from being consciously competent to unconsciously competent.

The learner progress is tracked and recorded as evidence of competency and adherence. Finally, when the standard for achieving the right results is met, a certification appears. It’s a very streamlined process that takes a total newbie from novice to pro, step by step with a second to none visual experience.

The benefits are:

  • A tracked verifiable record of competency is retained. Useful for security and anti-cheating.
  • The consistency of quality is automatically enforced. Best practices are deployed as standard.
  • The organization can now train with greater ease and consistency.
  • People learn at different speeds. This optimizes the use of the learner and instructor time.

We would be delighted to show you how the Create LMS platform enables you to deploy Augmented Reality Training with ease and at a low cost.

To learn more, book a demo of the platform and get started as soon as possible.

Retain knowledge
Broadcast best practice
Onboard faster
Delight customers
Reduce errors
Train consistently
Train with ease
Share wisdom with ease
Enable best practice
Grow revenue
Reduce costs
Reduce wastage
Reduce errors
Increase profit
Learn from the frontline troops
Feedback is made easy
Engaged teams delight
I feel motivated
This is a great place to work
I feel LOVED
I make a difference
Reduce onboarding drag
Drive efficiency
I feel valued
I have the skills needed for my role
My boss values me
My manager helps me grow
I have this
I ❤️ my job
We are inclusive
We are respectful
When work is fun it’s not work

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