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What is included as standard?

Security, Hosting in 2 locations, Mirroring, Load Balancing, Auto-Fail-Over, Off-Site Backups, Disaster Recovery, Weekly OWASP-10 Pen Testing. Domain = - Unrivalled LMS admin training & support via your own account manager.

People & Learners:  

  • Mobile & tablet friendly LMS
  • Near offline capability - Stutter free playback via your LAN
  • News feed - Welcome new hires or product updates
  • Next course up - Jump right into the next class
  • Communications - Manages the fine line between a training class & please confirm your have read & accepted this document or watched a video - Reduces class building time
  • Learner compliance report
  • Training events calendar for F2F, webinar & blended learning workshops
  • Simple gamification - Rewards & badges
  • Self paced learning capability - Via your internal public course catalogue
  • External Training certificates - Manage, store & share external training certificates with LMS admins
  • Access files & user-guides
  • Profile settings - We support 2 emails (private & work) to aid hiring & offboarding
  • Reset password with ease - Auto time out

Educators & Course Builders:  

  • Course builder is insanely easy to use. Those with wisdom/knowledge can share their skills widely! Build once - Use over and over. SAVE $,$$$s
  • Quickly Build: eLearning, ILT, Webinars, Face to face Training, Blended Learning, Asssessments, Instructor Led Assessments, Quiz, Surveys, Town Hall Meetings, Pulse Checks, NPS Ratings, Process workflows & much more.
  • Online & offline training - Deliver content to desktop, laptop, mobile & tablet via the web, on device or across your LAN
  • Content types we support: SCORM, XAPI, Video, Audio, Quiz (single & multi-choice), PPT, PDF, Rich Text, HTML code, ILA by nominated instructors, Video-360 POV, iFrame, Webinar.
  • Add attachments for download - e.g. User Guides or manuals etc
  • Custom Certificates - Set certification time periods & auto re-assign training.
  • Deploy time-bombed surveys from within a course - e.g. Satisfaction surveys or 90 day knowledge depth checks

LMS Admins & Dept. Managers:  

  • Easy Admin Panel - Many clients are deploying content to learners within 90mins of handover!
  • White label LMS - Brand & colours
  • Configure & GO! - Switch on/off features
  • LMS Training Reports are graphical, drillable, exportable. Report on:  Learner, Department/Class, Course, Course type, Assessment, Survey, Quiz, Custom field attributes, Completed on Time, overdue, pass or fail
  • Track ALL training adherence & compliance - Internal & external
  • Organise users with departments buckets - Then auto assign new content to new users joining that department. Set # of days to complete & track training adherence & compliance.
  • Categorise & make it easy for learners to find content for self paced development
  • Add in your external training partners &/or source readymade content from us.
  • Deploy: Surveys, Reviews, Assessment, Appraisals - effortlessly track the results
  • Orangise, Track & Manage your talent - e.g - Create pathways for Future Managers or track tenures, reasons why people leave etc.

Service Level Agreements

We give every client, no matter how small, a friendly, dedicated account manager for one to one support via video web.

Happy Customers/Testimonials

Training Companies who need an LMS

Terri wrote: I researched a number of E-learning platforms prior to finding CreateLMS, and these guys stood out a mile, without a shadow of a doubt. Flexibility, ease of use, personable people and they see and support you as a business, rather than the pound sign which I found many other did.

I had the lovely Nigel help me with the creation of my first course and advise on what to use and pointed me very much in the right direction. Which was a massive help, as I’m moving from live training to digital, so it was and is a massive learning curve.

I’ve created so far 7 courses and have another 5 to go before I go live, but I know without a doubt I have chosen the right platform and am very excited about the release of the platform hopefully by July/Aug and so are my current customers as it suits the world we live in today.

I 100% recommend CreateLMS with Nigel’s technical advice and ability and Marks’s support, ideas and advice, they are a truly inspiring team.

Terri Griffiths – Founder – Telephone Trainers Ltd


How does Telephone Trainers use CreateLMS?

With the advent of COVID, Telephone Trainers a face to face training company needed to adapt and move training online.

The journey with CreateLMS has been fruitful with many new revenue streams opening up, helping the business prosper and scale. CreateLMS helped the team by:

  1. Teaching them how to build quality eLearning content and move face to face training online. This included assistance with elearning templates/methodology, filming/sound/lighting equipment.
    CreateLMS built the first seven classes to refine the process and worked with the team to knowledge transfer the approved content creation process.
  2. Helping the team understand the value and importance off their SCORM content and the steps needed to take protect their IP.
  3. CreateLMS course builder helped them quickly build a significantly library or elearning content. With this they were able to build elegant learning tracks/pathways for each manufacturer and their core product suites.
  4. Today; Telephone trainers can add new clients to the LMS in minutes and if needed assign content to thousands of users/learners. They also provide clients with access to training reports. Making it easy to track competencies, pass/fail, training adherence and compliance.
  5.  Blended Learning – Telephone trainers can now mix face to face classroom training with webinars and convert this automatically to elearning for those that missed the training event.


How has using CreateLMS benefited Telephone Trainers?

Pre COVID Telephone Trainers only conducted face to face training and could only grow by the number of training hours sold and instructors skilled in equipment. Today, that has all changed.

  1. Manufacturers are especially interested in the high quality, professionally made content in SCORM format. This has opened many licensing and new training opportunities.
  2. Clients now have the option of buying face to face training and self paced eLearning or both. With the elearning being a back up and a value add up-sell item.
  3. Technically the ability to mix modalities of teaching – Face to face classroom, with webinar and pre learn via elearning.
    Webinars can be recorded automatically and added to the elearning course for later consumption. Ideal for those unable to attend.
  4. CreateLMS removes all of the IT headaches associated with Content Creation, Hosting, deployment and learner management and enables Training Companies to deploy at scale their content/programs.

Training Companies who need an LMS:

Learn how Curriculo Solutions Training Company used CreateLMS.

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Training Companies who need an LMS: Telephone Trainers & CreateLMS

Training Companies who need an LMS – Telephone Trainers & CreateLMS – The learner panel.


Terri Griffiths - Founder  Telephone Trainers Ltd
Terri Griffiths - Founder

Curriculo use the CreateLMS platform to host, run and manage elearning and blended training

LMS designed for Training Companies

Karen wrote:   I have known and worked with Mark and the CreateLMS team for 3 years now. I have been encouraged by the approach they take which is quite genuinely about giving their customers what they need. The service from start to right now has not changed – it is responsive and solutions focused.

Whilst the great service is important, it is also critical that we have a ‘product’ that is great – the LMS is intuitive and simple to use. We worked with Nigel to get our courses set up and in working order – he is fabulous and we continue to work with him even now. What I like about this LMS is that it is easy to use – the focus is on the learning and not on the tech – although I am very aware that it is the tech that makes it great.

I love that Mark and the team are continuously focused on improvements and I particularly love the ‘no problem is too difficult for us to fix’ attitude of the team. I cannot recommend this team and this LMS enough.

Karen Glen – Director – Curriculo Solutions Ltd

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Karen Glen Curriculo Solutions Ltd
Karen Glen

I am writing to recommend the services of CreateLMS.  Mark and Tomasz  have been working with our Company since 2018.

Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company’s training needs on track for ~40,000 users.
(Today 179,614 users are registered across 5 CreateLMS platforms at Comcast.)

The Go-Live process was seamless and our users were amazed by the ease of the course assignments, the management of training for learners, and the accuracy of the reporting.

I feel confident in recommending Mark and Tomasz and the entire CreateLMS Team. They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

Learn more about the Comcast use case

Sal Cuffari - Lead LMS Implementation Project Manager Comcast
Sal Cuffari - Lead LMS Implementation Project Manager

When I was looking for an LMS, CreateLMS stood out as one that we could work with due to their approach on user licensing and ease of use.

Setting up a demo/trial was very easy, and when the time came to go over the product with Mark I was blown away with how easy CreateLMS has made managing most features of an LMS.

I come from a background in Moodle and CreateLMS is by far easier to use, and more user friendly.

The price beat out most of the competitors and it suites every need that I have for a LMS.

Once my domain was created, I was up and running and having employees complete training within about an hour and was able to share great reports out of the dashboard shortly after that.

I am extremely pleased with the entire process so far with CreateLMS, from the demo, to deciding to purchase, to implementing my own LMS, and can confidently say that I have the right LMS for my needs as our business scales and grows.

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Nick Lyons