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    CreateLMS have been working with our Company since 2017. Their knowledge & attention to detail have aided in keeping our company’s training needs on track for ~40,000 users. (Today we have over 236,000 users across 6 separate Comcast instances.)

    Sal Cuffari Project Manager, Comcast.

      Create Your Own LMS

      In his 2022 review of Create LMS, independent eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst, David Patterson of Learning Light praised our platforms ‘headless LMS’ capability, making it easy for clients to configure or create their own LMS and integrate to disparate systems, platforms and apps using our API’s. 

      This LMS comes from a mindset of a design team that desires speed and simplicity of set up… you can create your LMS in about 90 minutes with very considerable learning delivery capability.

      David Patterson eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst
      create your own lms
        Want to create your own LMS?

        Create LMS can help. We have a number of options that will accelerate your LMS project and reduce costs.

        Our headless LMS can tap into existing systems, platforms or your own apps to deliver training quickly and easily.... Just the way you want:

        1. Go live is fast.
        2. It's highly affordable.
        3. New custom features can be easily added.
        4. Our API's allow your own developers to tap into our features and functionality.
        5. We have done it many times.
        6. Our LMS platform is fully validated and compliant with: GDPR, HIPAA, 21CFR Part11.
        7. An easy, highly reliable, scaleable LMS. Which means we only see two support tickets per 100,000 users per week.
        Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and to see if we can help.
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        how much does it cost to build an lms

        While there are many different ways to create an LMS, the best way will vary depending on your specific needs and goals.

        If you have a very LARGE budget and want complete control over your LMS, you may want to create your own from scratch.  Create LMS  accelerates your project, reduces LMS risk and cost with many off-the-shelf features/options that are easily customised and configured to your exact needs. These include:

        1. A classical SaaS LMS that is low cost and feature rich. Go-live in under 90mins
        2. Platform as a Service LMS - Your own dedicated instance, customised exactly as you need. This can be integrated into your own systems and platforms. A truly Headless LMS.
        3. Similar to #2 above but hosted on your premise or in your cloud LMS. This is where security is critical or offline capability and content playback is important.

        All instances are fully validated, GDPR, HIPAA, and 21CFR Part 11 Compliant.  We also auto-security-pen-test to OWASP10.  

        Use the contact us form to chat about your project and possible needs.
        create your own lms
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        learning management system examples

        While there are many benefits to using an online Learning Management System (LMS), there are also some situations where an offline LMS would be more appropriate. For example:

        1. If you need to create training materials for employees who do not have reliable internet access, or
        2. Where security standards are so high that a secured LAN only LMS will suffice or
        3. Where training and engagement is delivered via a dedicated tablet or laptop that is rarely connected to the internet or LAN.

        This is where Create an offline LMS becomes the perfect solution.

        Contact us our offline LMS experts today and see our Offline, Network Attached Storage (NAS) LMS solution.
        create your own lms

        A headless LMS is an LMS that can be used to create your own LMS.

        This means that you can create an LMS that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. A headless LMS gives you the flexibility to create an LMS that is scalable and easy to use.

        It also allows you to create an LMS that is mobile friendly and accessible from any device.

        Headless LMSs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a number of advantages over traditional LMSs. These include:

        1. Becoming an extension of an existing platform, software or service. Enabling a user to remain in one environment.
        2. Providing a customizable  front end user experience for learners while making life easy for admins. 

        If you are looking for an LMS that is flexible, affordable and easy to use, then a headless LMS may be the right choice for you.

        Create LMS provides you with many hosting options and an API framework that any competent developer can use.  Contact us today to learn more.
        create your own lms

        A Network Attached Storage LMS (NAS LMS) is a learning management system that allows you to create and deliver online courses offline or delivered over your secured LAN.

        Use cases include:

        1. Call centres where Internet bandwidth must be minimised, allowing content to playback over the LAN. Especially useful for when the preferred training format is video.

        2. Secure, dedicated training devices are used and must not be connected to the internet or where teams are travelling to remote locations but need to be trained offline.

        3. Where elearning, reviews and instructor assessments must happen without being connected to the Internet or LAN

        Create LMS has delivered many NAS LMS solutions for clients. We would be delighted to discuss your own unique needs.
        create your own lms
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