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“I was blown away with how easy Create LMS has made managing an LMS….

– NICK LIONS, Roar for Good

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LMS For Staff Hiring

  • Hire faster with greater transparency and compliance.
  • Hire based on a candidate’s scores and performance.
  • Reduce hiring risk, effort, time and cost.
  • Evidence that the best candidate was hired

LMS For Onboarding

  • Get your people ‘up-to-speed’ and more productive faster
  • Reduce the onboarding burden for everyone!
  • Easily engage, motivate and demonstrate you care
  • Understand and assist the ‘newbies’ most needing support
custom lms
custom lms

Training & Education

  • Reduce training cost: travel, hassle, time & burden for all!
  • One platform for all types: elearning, ILT, blended, VR/AR etc.
  • Quickly & easily: build deliver, immersive content + results
  • Help your people to learn anywhere, anytime on any device

Surveys, Review, Appraisals

  • Conduct surveys quickly and easily – Get feedback in minutes
  • Gain insight and share findings with graphical reporting
  • Find and organise/develop your superstars & future leaders
custom lms
custom lms
Employee Retention
  • Well trained employees feel valued and engaged
  • Engaged employees make a difference! Staying in post longer
  • Reduce re-hiring & new hire onboarding cost/effort/burden
  • Increasing: profit & growth – Reducing costs, risk, hassle & stress
Adherence & Compliance
  • Real-time visibility of all your training; in one place
  • Detailed graphical compliance and adherence reports
  • No more messy XLS spreadsheets to manage training certs.
  • Your complete evidence trail for all training, even off-site
custom lms

Create Your Own Custom LMS In Three Different Varieties:

‘Best in Class’, great value, easy LMS

    1. Quickly configured/deployed. 
    2. To meet your specific needs.
    3. Highly affordable

Extended enterprise LMS with unlimited use

    1. Your own domain/subdomain names. 
    2. Dedicated hosting in the Country of choice. 
    3. Our Head-Less LMS can be interwoven to other applications or systems.

Hire our expert team to help manage your L&D activities. Services offered: 

  • Day to day LMS administration and monthly management reporting of: Training – Engagement – Retention activities/results.
  • Custom content building to trap and retain knowledge and best practices within the business.
  • Custom developed coaching, mentoring, training, surveys, reviews, on-boarding courses for your people and teams.

Why Choose Create LMS?

In his 2022 review of Create LMS, independent eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst, David Patterson of Learning Light praised our platform for its rare ability to offer a fully-comprehensive, modern feature set, while remaining quick and easy to set up and use. In particular, David drew attention to: 

This LMS comes from a mindset of a design team that desires speed and simplicity of set up… you can create your LMS in about 90 minutes with very considerable learning delivery capability.

David Patterson eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst
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    There are a number of big HR challenges that businesses face today, from recruiting and retaining top talent to managing employee performance and compliance.

    While there's no silver bullet solution to these challenges, a custom LMS can help. By providing a centralized platform for employee training and development, a custom LMS can help businesses to improve employee engagement, boost performance, and ensure compliance with company policies and regulations.

    Additionally, a custom LMS can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, making it an essential tool for meeting your HR goals and especially employee retention.


    custom lms
    custom lms development
    custom built lms

    A Custom LMS designed for HR is a learning management system that is tailored to the specific needs of human resources departments.

    An LMS is a software platform that helps organizations plan, deliver, and track training and development programs. Create LMS also enables HR and Senior Management teams to thoroughly engage and retain employees with ease.

    It is used to:

    1. Onboard new employees,
    2. Train existing staff on company policies and procedures,
    3. Provide continuing education opportunities.
    4. Perform reviews, assessments, surveys, appraisals and more

    A custom LMS is used to manage compliance requirements and track certifications.

    By using a custom LMS for HR, companies can ensure that their employees have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their roles for longer.

    custom lms

    The top 10 most important HR challenges that need to be addressed are:

    1. Turnover/retention
    2. Rrecruiting/hiring the best talent
    3. Employee engagement
    4. Building a strong leadership pipeline
    5. Succession planning
    6. Managing/reducing conflict
    7. Dealing with change effectively
    8. Improving communication
    9. Increasing diversity & inclusion
    10. Managing work/life balance

    While some of these challenges may seem daunting, they can all be overcome with the right strategies in place.

    For example, customizing your learning management system (LMS) to fit your company's specific needs can help with turnover by providing employees with access to relevant, engaging training that meets their development needs.

    Similarly, using the LMS to implement an effective recruiting strategy will help you attract and hire top talent, while a well-designed employee engagement program will keep them motivated and engaged.

    By taking steps to address these key HR challenges, you'll set your company up for success.

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