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Easy Cloud LMS Features

As easy as YouTube. Features and tools to: Train, Engage, Retain.

Create LMS award winning features for Learners

  1. Learner panel – With custom widgets 
    1. News feed – Celebrate anniversaries, wins etc
    2. Communiques 
    3. My assigned classes & progress report
    4. Training calendar and events
    5. Simple gamification
  2. Content libraries for self paced learning and development
  3. Course content viewer with note taking
  4. Review forms – My appraisals, reviews, assessments etc
  5. Compliance document vault
  6. Email notifications and calendar invites


Award winning LMS Features for L&D, Teachers, Trainers & Subject Matter Experts.

  1. Admin Panel
  2. Content libraries for self-paced learning
  3. Course Builder
  4. Forms builder
  5. Surveys
  6. Learning Tracks and paths
  7. Document Management for Compliance 
  8. Graphical reports with export

LMS Features for HR

  1. Forms builder
  2. Surveys
    1. Understand intent to leave
    2. Perform reviews and coaching
    3. Increase engagement
  3. Messages
  4. News

Extended LMS Features for Customers, Contractors, Third Party Training Companies

  1. SSO (Single Sign On)
  2. Multi-Tenancy
  3. Cloud, Offline & On-premise
  4. NAS 
  5. AR & AI

Select Role:

  • Mobile & tablet friendly LMS
  • Near offline capability – Stutter free playback via your LAN
  • News feed – Welcome new hires or product updates
  • Next course up – Jump right into the next class
  • Communications – Manages the fine line between a training class & please confirm your have read & accepted this document or watched a video – Reduces class building time
  • Learner compliance report
  • Training events calendar for F2F, webinar & blended learning workshops
  • Simple gamification – Rewards & badges
  • Self paced learning capability – Via your internal public course catalogue
  • Custom forms vault – One place to store and access performance reviews, ILA and appraisals.

  • Compliance document vault – Access all your compliance documentation.

  • External Training certificates – Manage, store & share external training certificates with LMS admins
  • Access files & user-guides
  • Profile settings – We support 2 emails (private & work) to aid hiring & offboarding
  • Reset password with ease – Auto time out
  • Course builder is insanely easy to use. Those with wisdom/knowledge can share their skills widely! Build once – Use over and over. SAVE $,$$$s
  • Quickly Build: eLearning, ILT, Webinars, Face to face Training, Blended Learning, Asssessments, Instructor Led Assessments, Quiz, Surveys, Town Hall Meetings, Pulse Checks, NPS Ratings, Process workflows & much more.
  • Create Learning Tracks and Pathways – Drip feed content to form the perfect learning journey.

  • Reporting; track training adherence and compliance – With drillable, exportable, graphical reports.

  • External trainer access – Secure greater value from external training investments.

  • Build custom forms – Reviews, appraisals, Instructor Led Assessments. Bind these to elearning.

  • Coaching made easier – Reduce burden for managers, leaders and subject matter experts.

  • Trap and retain best practice from Subject Matter Experts – A tool anyone can use.

  • Online & offline training – Deliver content to desktop, laptop, mobile & tablet via the web, on device or across your LAN
  • Content types we support: SCORM, XAPI, Video, Audio, Quiz (single & multi-choice), PPT, PDF, Rich Text, HTML code, ILA by nominated instructors, Video-360 POV, iFrame, Webinar.
  • Add attachments for download – e.g. User Guides or manuals etc
  • Custom Certificates – Set certification time periods & auto re-assign training.
  • Deploy time-bombed surveys from within a course – e.g. Satisfaction surveys or 90 day knowledge depth checks
  • Easy Admin Panel – Many clients are deploying content to learners within 90mins of handover!
  • White label LMS – Brand & colours
  • Configure & GO! – Switch on/off features
  • LMS Training Reports are graphical, drillable, exportable. Report on:  Learner, Department/Class, Course, Course type, Assessment, Survey, Quiz, Custom field attributes, Completed on Time, overdue, pass or fail
  • Track ALL training adherence & compliance – Internal & external
  • Compliance document management with embedded fields – Manage your compliance documents with ease and bind into training classes if needed.

  • Compliance document management reporting – Discover non-compliance and easily take action.
  • Organise users with departments buckets – Then auto assign new content to new users joining that department. Set # of days to complete & track training adherence & compliance.
  • Protect against co-employment litigation from contractor agents – Control exactly who can see what.

  • Custom roles and responsibilities – Create new roles and access rights for customers, contractors, content builders, Subject Matter Experts etc.
  • Dynamic custom field attributes – Streamline integrations and allow you to gather data. E.g., Future Leader, Reason for leaving picklists.
  • Categorise & make it easy for learners to find content for self paced development
  • Augmented Reality builder – Let us help you build and deploy Augmented Reality Training classes.
  • Video 360 – Build engaging site or product tours using vide 360. Enable learners to navigate the environment.
  • Add in your external training partners &/or source readymade content from us.
  • Deploy: Surveys, Reviews, Assessment, Appraisals – effortlessly track the results
  • Orangise, Track & Manage your talent – e.g – Create pathways for Future Managers or track tenures, reasons why people leave etc.
  • Custom form builder – Move your paper workflows online and track compliance.

  • Hosting, security, disaster recovery as standard – Mirroring to 2 locations, load balancing, auto-failover, nightly offsite backup and weekly automated OWASP10 testing.

The Create LMS platform is available in three variants:

‘Best in Class’, great value, easy LMS. 

    1. Quickly configured/deployed. 
    2. To meet your specific needs.
    3. Highly affordable

Extended enterprise LMS with unlimited use

    1. Your own domain/subdomain names. 
    2. Dedicated hosting in the Country of choice. 
    3. Our Head-Less LMS can be interwoven to other applications or systems.

Hire our expert team to help manage your L&D activities. Services offered: 

  • Day to day LMS administration and monthly management reporting of: Training – Engagement – Retention activities/results.
  • Custom content building to trap and retain knowledge and best practices within the business.
  • Custom developed coaching, mentoring, training, surveys, reviews, on-boarding courses for your people and teams.

Client Feedback:

best learning management system
Sal Cuffari Comcast

"Their knowledge & attention to detail have aided in keeping our company’s training needs on track for over 236,000 users across 6 separate Comcast instances."

best learning management system
David Jones Medbelle

"I have used Create LMS as both a learner and as an administrator and I think it is fantastic. I must say though, the system is intuitive and very easy to navigate."

best learning management system
Braeton Hill PRAIRE Aquatech

"It was very easy to get familiar with and use the software since it is simplistic and all questions about the system have been answered without any trouble."

    Why Choose Create LMS?

    In his 2022 review of Create LMS, independent eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst, David Patterson of Learning Light praised our platform for its rare ability to offer a fully-comprehensive, modern feature set, while remaining quick and easy to set up and use. In particular, David drew attention to: 

    This LMS comes from a mindset of a design team that desires speed and simplicity of set up… you can create your LMS in about 90 minutes with very considerable learning delivery capability.

    David Patterson eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst
    create your own lms
      Cloud LMS

      Most traditional LMSs are complex and challenging to navigate, easy LMSs are much simpler and user-friendly.

      This can make a big difference for both instructors and learners, as it can make the learning and go-live process more efficient, effective and faster.

      Easy LMSs often come with fewer features than their complex counterparts, but this can actually be seen as an advantage. By streamlining the learning experience, easy LMSs can help learners to focus on the task at hand and avoid getting overwhelmed by too many options.

      In addition, easy LMSs are typically more affordable than complex LMSs, making them a great option for budget-conscious educators.

      Create LMS is probably the easiest LMS on the market due to its clever nomenclature where admins only need to learn 4 things. Most clients and learners are  going live and training completed in under 90 minutes of starting.



      Cloud LMS

      A Cloud LMS is a Learning Management System that uses cloud computing to deliver educational content and track student progress.

      Cloud LMSs are often used by businesses as a way to provide employees with access to learning materials and tools from any location.

      Cloud LMSs typically offer features such as course authoring, assessment creation, and grade tracking.

      Many Cloud LMSs also offer integration with third-party applications such as video conferencing and e-commerce platforms. Cloud LMSs are typically subscription-based, with pricing based on the number of users or the amount of storage needed.

      Create LMS is a Cloud based LMS. We are unique in that we can offer the Create LMS in your Cloud or on your premise when security and sensitive data is critical.

      Using our Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, content can be played over you Local Area Network (LAN) providing an almost offline user experience. 

      easy lms reviews

      Cloud LMS

      LMS is an acronym for Learning Management System an essentail tool for any business looking to train, engage and retain employees.

      LMS programs are software platforms that provide instructors with the tools they need to create and deliver online courses.

      LMS platforms typically include features such as course creation and management tools, assessment and grading capabilities, student tracking and reporting.

      While LMS programs vary in terms of features and functionality, they all share the common goal of providing instructors with a central location to manage their online courses.

      Create LMS is a cloud based program, that is SUPER EASY to USE.

      Let us show you how it can help you. 

      cloud lms

      Cloud LMS

      A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that enables an organization to systematically manage, deliver, and track employee training.

      A good LMS should be easy to use, both for employees who need to complete training and for the administrators who manage the system.

      Employees should be able to log in and access their training courses with minimal effort, and administrators should be able to easily add or remove users, create new courses, and track progress.

      A good LMS can make all the difference in ensuring that employees receive the training they need to be successful in their roles. By making the process of delivering and tracking employee training easy, an LMS can help to ensure that employees are better able to meet their goals and improve their performance.

      Create LMS was specifically designed to be easy... Yet a robust feature set that helps increase employee engagement and retention, which we think are critical to business success. 


      Cloud LMS

      How Can I Learn More About The Create LMS Enterprise Learning Management System?