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Create your own LMS using our ‘Full-Stack, Headless LMS’ for those with highly sensitive content, where security and control is non-negotiable. Integrate to systems and platforms with ease.

Full-Stack, Headless LMS for Enterprise

Unlimited Use With Your Own URL & Sub-domains

Hosting options include:
1.   In your cloud
2.  On your premise and over LAN

3.  On a dedicated, standalone AWS instance

4.  Offline on dedicated training devices 

Maximum Security of Proprietary Training Content

Our clients need to ensure their trade secrets remain exactly that. Our wide variety of hosting options covers almost every eventuality. 

Augmented Reality Training, AI, Vision Systems and More

Make on the job training exciting, easy and highly effective. Talk to us about our many use cases from driver training, vehicle mechanics, croupiers, machine operators and more.

Full-Stack, Headless LMS

We have built the easiest to use LMS on the market. Test it and see. Use our Full-Stack to deliver incredible training capability to your own platform. Reduce development cost, complexity and burden. Create your own LMS using ours.

Offline and NAS Capability As Standard

No internet? No issue… Offline playback is stutter free. 
Where security is critical or Internet usage must be minimized. Playback content over your LAN or at the device level using our proprietary NAS solution.

Fully Validated LMS

Extended Enterprise is delivered with it’s own validation, document pack. This details tests and provides testing evidence. Compliant with: ISO-9001/27001, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR. Weekly automated security Pen. testing to OWASP top 10.  



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We’ll help you create your own LMS with:

  • Easy go-live; clients deploy training in <90 mins.
  • A joyful user experience for learners and admins.
  • Your own branding with ALL the features you need.
  • Unique: Augmented Reality, Off-line, On-premise.
  • Ease of use means just 2 support tickets per 100,000 users per week. Zero downtime since ’15.
  • If your desired feature is missing we can build it.
  • Create your own custom LMS with our API tools.

Why Choose Create LMS?

In his 2022 review of Create LMS, independent eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst, David Patterson of Learning Light praised our platform for its rare ability to offer a fully-comprehensive, modern feature set, while remaining quick and easy to set up and use. In particular, David drew attention to: 

This LMS comes from a mindset of a design team that desires speed and simplicity of set up… you can create your LMS in about 90 minutes with very considerable learning delivery capability.

David Patterson eLearning Consultant and Market Analyst
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    Client Feedback:

    best learning management system
    Sal Cuffari Comcast

    "Their knowledge & attention to detail have aided in keeping our company’s training needs on track for over 236,000 users across 6 separate Comcast instances."

    best learning management system
    David Jones Medbelle

    "I have used Create LMS as both a learner and as an administrator and I think it is fantastic. I must say though, the system is intuitive and very easy to navigate."

    best learning management system
    Braeton Hill PRAIRE Aquatech

    "It was very easy to get familiar with and use the software since it is simplistic and all questions about the system have been answered without any trouble."

      There are many different types of employee training, each designed to help employees learn the specific skills they need to be successful in their jobs:

      • One common type of employee training is on-the-job training, in which employees learn by doing. This can be an effective way to learn new skills, but it can also be time-consuming and may not cover all the material an employee needs to know.
        • Share the expertise and knowledge of your subject matter experts with ease through our LMS platform. Help foster a culture of excellence within your organization.
      • Another type of employee training is classroom-based training, which can provide a more comprehensive overview of the material but may be less relevant to an employee's actual job.
        • For instructors, we want to help simplify and organize lesson plans and content for reuse. By adding users to a class, all content is easily accessible in one place for instructors and learners. You can also track individual learner progress, skills attainment and compliance.
      • Other types of employee training include online courses, webinars, and seminars.
        • The Create LMS platform simplifies employee training by allowing for quick and easy content building and deployment, progress tracking, and compliance monitoring. This ultimately reduces training costs and burdens for organizations


      Each type of employee training has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the right type of employee training for the specific needs of the company and its employees.  Our team of training and HR experts will be delighted to share our customers use case scenarios and best practices.


      LMS for Extended Enterprise

      Employee training is important for 5 key  reasons:

      1. First, it helps to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge necessary to do their jobs effectively.
      2. Employee training can help to reduce mistakes and accidents.
      3. Employee training can improve employee morale and motivation.
      4. Employee training can help to increase employee retention.
      5. Finally, employee training can help to reduce turnover costs.

      For all of these reasons, employee training is an essential part of any successful business.

      The most common type of employee training is on-the-job training. This type of training generally takes place at the workplace and is conducted by a supervisor or more experienced employee. On-the-job training can be an effective way to learn new skills, as it allows employees to gain hands-on experience in a real work environment. However, it can also be time-consuming and disruptive to workflows. As a result, many companies use a combination of on-the-job and off-the-job training methods to provide employees with the skills they need to be successful.

      Our mission with the Create LMS platform is to reduce the burden, time, and cost for both instructors and learners. We strive to make employee training easy and enjoyable.

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      create lms

      create lms

      Employee training programs are designed to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees. 

      They can be used to teach new employees about the company and its products or services, or to help existing employees improve their performance. employee training programs can also be used to promote employee development and provide opportunities for career advancement. 

      In addition, employee training programs can help to improve employee retention by providing employees with a sense of purpose and contributing to a positive work-life balance. 

      Employee training programs are an essential part of any organization, and can have a major impact on employee productivity and morale. 

      When implemented properly, employee training programs can benefit both employees and employers alike.


      create lms create lms create lms

      1. Develop a system for employee development and training that is comprehensive and well-organized.
      2. Encourage employees to take advantage of development and training opportunities.
      3. Make sure that employees have the necessary resources to develop and train effectively.
      4. Evaluate employee development and training regularly to identify areas of improvement.
      5. Support employee development and training with adequate resources and funding. By following these best practices, organizations can ensure that their employee development and training programs are effective and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.
      LMS for Extended Enterprise

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