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Key Content For Every Aspect of Your Business

From Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, Office, and Gmail, through Remote Working, Mental Health & well-being, Mindfulness, Cyber Security, Leadership and Management Skills, to Sales and Customer Care training, Mi Crow has got you covered.

Microsft Word Courses

86 Micro Courses will teach all you need to know to produce great documents. With Mi Crow Courses for Word your people will become proficient and confident users of Microsoft Word.

Master the Features and Functions of Microsoft Word

There’s a wide variety of Mi Crow courses in this catalogue including how to:-

1. Customise your Word software to make you more productive and your work easier.
2. Integrate Microsoft Word with other products like Excel and PowerPoint.
3. Create great documents using Word’s built in templates or create your own.
4. Stop hitting the Space Bar or Return Key in your documents and learn how to Format like a pro.

With Mi Crow Courses you can Get in, Get out and Get on with your day

Micorsoft Office Courses

Mi Crow courses teach you what you want, when you need it most and will make all your people proficient and confident users of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Made Easy…

The 17 videos in the series are listed below:

1. How to store your data in the Cloud and access it on demand
2. Communicate and collaborate easily with Teams, Sway and Forms
3. Work the way you want to and select between web-based and desktop apps

You’ll learn in 3-minute chunks you can Get in, Get out and Get on with your day!

Gmail Courses

Mi Crow’s 16 courses and 54 videos will get all of your people up to speed with virtually every aspect of Gmail in no time at all

A really serious Corporate eMail Solution

Amongst the wide variety of subjects covered you will learn how to:-

1. Understand the Preview Pane
2. Apply and Manage Labels and Categories that’ll make your day to day life much easier
3. Customise Gmail to you and your business
4. Integrate and work with Calendars
5. Discover Notes, Lists, Mentions and much more

You’ll learn in 3 minute chunks and we’ll open your eyes to more than you ever thought possible with Gmail.

Microsft Excel Courses

Cleverly created 3 minute Mi Crow Excel Courses let you get right to what you want to learn quickly and easily. Over 94 Mi Crow Courses will allow your people to master Microsoft Excel.

Get to grips with Microsoft Excel – once and for all

Amongst the many things your people will learn will be how to:

1. Present data graphically for greater impact
2. Work with and manage large amounts of data
3. Finally understand and get to grips with IF statements
4. Master the magic of Pivot Tables

View it, try it, apply it – in just 3 minutes

Micorsoft PowerPoint Courses

Mi Crow Courses lets you get right to the point, we call it Precision Learning. Select your Mi Crow Course, watch, try and then apply directly to your live work – that’s it. Simple, Easy and Practical and all in 3 minute chunks.

Present to impress

Mi Crow Courses let you:

1. Learn quickly and easily irrespective of your experience
2. If you’ve just forgotten how to do something, just select the specific Mi Crow Course
3. Save time learning with Mi Crow’s 3 minute videos

We call this Precision Learning. Learn just what you want when you need it most.

Microsoft Outlook Courses

Everyone knows how to send and receive emails, add attachments etc. But do you really know how to make Outlook work for you? Using Outlook properly can massively change your life and the way your day is organised.

Make Outlook Work For You

Mi Crow Courses will teach you all you need to know to go from Zero to Hero including:

1. Changing the way Outlook looks
2. Managing your Time
3. See how using colourful themes can make a difference
4. Get your emails noticed with Images

Learn everything you need to know about Outlook in 3 minute chunks.

Introducing Windows 10

Cleverly created 3 minute Mi Crow Windows 10 courses let you get right to what you want to learn quickly and easily. Our 8 Mi Crow Courses will allow your people to master the latest version of Windows’ great features.

Get up to Speed With the Latest Version of Windows

The tutorials include:

1. Introducing Windows 10.
2. More Settings and the Control Panel
3. The Action Centre and Multiple Desktops -Introducing Cortana.
4. More About Cortana
5. Introducing Microsoft Edge
6. Microsoft Edge Sharing and Adding
7. Extensions Microsoft Edge Settings and Working with Tabs

View it, try it, apply it – in just 3 minutes

Personal Cyber Security

Mi Crow’s complete cyber security course teaches you skills to keep yourself, and your organisation’s electronic data safe and secure.

Cyber Security

The 17 videos in the series are listed below: 1. What is a Backup
2. Types of Backup?
3. Browse with Confidence
4. Cybersecurity in the Small Business
5. Cybersecurity Tips for the Small Business
6. Eight Characters Isn’t Enough
7. Password Management Programmes 8. Phishing
9. Physical Cyber Security
10. Practice Safe Sharing
11. More Ways of Sharing Data Safely
12. Stay on Top of Your Accounts
13. Tips to Keep you Safe and Secure Online
14. More Ways of Staying Safe Online
15. What is Malware?
16. Ways to Protect Yourself from a Malware Attack
17. You are a Target
18. Your first line of Defence

Working Remotely

With thousands of people now working from home, there are challenges your team hasn’t faced before, including ensuring their safe, efficient and productive working practices.Mi Crow’s Working Remotely course covers the following topics, to help you and your team stay safe and focussed.
1. Working Remotely
2. Self Motivation
3. Managing Your Time Effectively
4. Dealing with Stress
5. Practice Safe Sharing
6. More Ways of Sharing Data Safely
7. Tips to Keep You Safe & Secure Online
8. More Ways of Staying Safe Online
9. An Overview of Microsoft Teams
10. Creating a Team
11. Adding & Removing Team Members
12. Managing Teams
13. Conversations in Teams
14. Audio & Video Calls
15. Schedule a Meeting
16. Meet Now
17. Zoom Overview
18. Zoom Chat & Join
19. Zoom Meetings

Mi Crow Courses makes it really easy to learn and all in just 3-minute chunks.

Leadership and Management

Our Mi Crow Courses have been presented in both 3 minute and 1 minute videos, making sure you always have time to learn and recap.
1. Become a Leader
2,. Team Leadership
3. The Importance of Self Management
4. Being a Leader
5. How it can go wrong
6. The Art of Delegation
7. Leading by Example
8. The Importance of Motivation
9. Watch Out for Demotivators
10. Communicate Effectively
11. Creating an Ownership Culture
12. Why do people leave?
13. Effective Criticism and Feedback
14. Time for Yourself
15. Managing your Boss
16. Effective Meetings
17. Recruiting Successfully
18. Getting the Best out of others
19. Staff Appraisals

Each Mi Crow Course has been specifically designed to give you real skills when and where you need it most.

Customer Care

Check out the Title it’s Customer Care not Customer Service – Why? Because caring for your customers is way more important. 3 and 1 minute videos make up this exciting collection of Mi Crow Courses that teach why in 2019 it’s all about Care not service.

Customer Care Services

Amongst the many things your people will learn:

1. Exactly who your Customers are – you’ll be surprised
2. Customer Partnerships
3. Driving Customer Culture
4. Why do Customers leave

Mi Crow Courses get right to the ‘nitty gritty’ tell it how it is and what you need to do to become great at Customer Care. Look after your Customers and they’ll more than look after you.

Selling Skills

All About Selling is not just any sales course. The Mi Crow video content takes a refreshing look at sales that’s right for any modern business wanting to be successful.

All About Selling

The videos include:

1. We All Sell
2. The Recipe for Selling
3. Growing Your Business
4. Securing the Appointment
5. Being a Great Listener
6. Body Language
7. Closing the Sale
8. Buyers Emotions
9. How to Quote

How To Be Successful

Mi Crow’s How to Be Successful videos focus on what’s important to individuals and businesses alike. Success is unique to everyone, but learn to set goals and prioritise tasks that will make a real difference to your life, and the concept of success will quickly become within reach

How To Be Successful

The videos include:

1. What Is Success?
2. Taking Ownership
3. Planning Smart Goals
4. The Power of Your Mind
5. Visualising Success
6. Persistence
7. Pay Something Forward
8. Self Motivation

Mental Health & Well-being

Learning about Mental Health in the Workplace is not something that you can ignore. It’s more of a “must have” than a “like to have” so that you can help ensure that your company sits alongside the hundreds of other organisations who are creating mentally healthy workplaces and helping their people to help themselves.

Mental Health In The Workplace

The videos include:

1. The Way to Good Mental Health
2. Promoting Wellbeing in the Workplace
3. Key Measures for a Mentally Healthy Workplace
4. Supporting your Colleagues and Team Members
5. Dealing with Stress
6. Can You Hear Me?
7. Can You See Me?
8. Supporting Staff to stay in Work
9. Fit Back to Work
10. Body Image

60 Seconds of Genius

This is the perfect content for staying in touch with your customers. This library of over 80 videos, each less than 60 Seconds and many just 30 Seconds, teaches something really useful and inspiring.

60 Seconds of Genius

The comments we get back, pretty much all of the time, is “I never knew that”. 60 Seconds of Genius adds value with each video and can be sent to your customers monthly, weekly or even daily the choice is yours.
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