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An LMS to Streamline Training at One of the World’s Largest Telecoms & Media Companies

A US-based, multinational telecoms conglomerate called on us at Create LMS to help them streamline their e-learning solutions. 

After we delivered a fast rollout of their new learning management system and helped their HR and L&D teams to simplify training, 6 more of their business units asked us to do the same…


The Business Environment

Our client is a large, complex organisation in the broadcasting, telecommunications, and entertainment space. 

Much of their growth and success over several decades in business has been through targeted mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 

The success of any M&A depends completely on the quality and care taken during onboarding. 

Managing the period from advanced due diligence through to successful acquisition/integration is not easy and fraught with risk. 

Poor performance in this regard is frequent, and the result can be significant in terms of lost value. At worst, it can be chaos and business disaster as cultures, identities, processes and systems clash. 


The Training Challenge

Only the most enlightened and successful M&A teams manage the acquisition and integration process consistently well, and our client saw the need to streamline multiple LMS into a single, unified training solution. 

Their M&A team decided to move away from another learning platform vendor as part of their vendor consolidation efforts. Retirement of the existing platform was planned and the timeline for go-live was under 4 weeks.

The client’s project lead later said: 

“This was a worrisome period because we were leaving one vendor and moving to another. We only had 3 weeks to get it done ahead of go-live in week 4 when our old platform would be shut down.” 

They chose Create LMS as their solution provider because of several factors – notably the robustness and scalability of our platform, as well as our flexibility and commitment to helping them meet their tight deadlines. 


The Create LMS Solution

We did everything ahead of time – outside of standard PO and contract timescales – to ensure that bureaucracy did not hold us back in helping the client to hit their deadlines. 

We even allowed buffer time for their L&D team to migrate content – the platform was customised and ready in 3 weeks instead of 4… 

We quickly configured a custom, stand-alone instance with their own domain name, and this was ready in 3 days. The team had their go-live training and quickly added content, while we were always on hand to provide one-to-one support for their people in using the platform. We did this in real-time with video web meetings and ‘show and tell’ sessions. 

The Create LMS solution for the client’s M&A teams is designed to help them manage:

  • Risk – Delivering compliance/security / legal/process training before moving the acquired employees into the new larger organisation 
  • Change – Ensuring everyone understands the plan, timelines, process, bigger picture and goals.   
  • Cultures – Helping develop and grow mindsets to new ways of thinking / working without losing what was so special about the business in the first place 
  • Integration & continuous improvement – Helping teams work out the kinks / duplications by sharing wisdom, knowledge and best practices  
  • Transition & development – Training in new processes, SOP’s and systems, in order to reduce employee stress and anxiety 
  • Engagement & retention – Conducting surveys, reviews, appraisals and pulse checks. Learn from these and constantly improving.


The Results

The client successfully moved from two LMS vendors to one and streamlined the management of contracts and training. 

The platform was customised to ensure that all their business objectives were not only met, but exceeded, and significant training and administrative cost savings have been made. 

Most importantly they are able to train M&A employees in compliance, and move them through the onboarding process, reducing time to competency – this is critical to M&A success. 

Such was the success of this first project that news of the effectiveness of our business relationship spread to other departments. The client now uses the Create LMS platform in 6 other business units with further plans for their Procurement and Contracts teams. 

The platform works seamlessly across their diverse business units we see an average of only 2 support tickets per week per 100,000 users.


Client Feedback

“The team at Create LMS setup the platform with lightning speed to ensure every day was maximised, rather than the normal vendor / contract / procurement hassles, which supported our timeline significantly. This was a significant help and appreciated.

The LMS platform is remarkable with only 4 things to learn. Easy is an understatement.

Right from our handover call, our team was able to build out the content and copy across the training matrix, and add in our users. 

Everyone appreciated the 121 training calls and high availability of the Create LMS team as needed.

Their team is a pleasure to work with. Our calls were always jovial and fun. Nothing was ever too much trouble. 

Every expectation exceeded. Good old fashioned customer service at its best!”