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Mike Kaszuk
Sal Cuffari, Comcast

Mark & Tomasz (CreateLMS) have been working with our Company since 2017. Their knowledge & attention to detail have aided in keeping our company’s training needs on track for ~40,000 users. (Today we have over 236,000 users across 6 separate Comcast instances.)

The Go-Live process was seamless & our LMS admins were amazed by the ease of the course assignments, the management of training for learners, & the accuracy of the reporting. I feel confident in recommending Mark & Tomasz & the entire CreateLMS Team.

They are not only thorough but also easy to work with & always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns & respond to questions. The best learning management system in my opinion

Mike Kaszuk
David Jones, Medbelle

I have used CreateLMS as both a learner and as an administrator and I think it is fantastic.

I took on managing the CreateLMS program after it had already been implemented in my company. Due to a short handover period, I didn’t get a chance to really understand it thoroughly from my colleague before having full control as administrator.

I must say though, the system is intuitive and on the whole very easy to navigate and I probably could have figured out much of it by myself, but I didn’t even need to. The CreateLMS customer support team has been fantastic. I simply introduced myself to our dedicated contact at the company and I was offered a tutorial to run through everything. I couldn’t have asked for more. I think the tutorial was over an hour long and I never felt that Mark, who is our liaison wanted to rush the video meeting and he genuinely wanted me to get the most out of their system. I have been blown away by how responsive and dedicated they are. Nothing is too minor to ask about. They also have really thorough manuals that explain things step by step with pictures too. Very much appreciated!

The product itself has been really good, we went from having many google sheets full of training and now everything is set out nicely in one place. The initial plan was to only use CreateLMS for medical content training but as we’ve had such good feedback from our users we are expanding it into more areas of training. It will soon fully take on our onboarding process. It has saved us so much time already.

Highly recommend CreateLMS and I look forward to seeing more and more features that they keep adding.

PRAIRE Aquatech
Braeton Hill, PRAIRE Aquatech

I first heard about CreateLMS from our sister company, Medgene Labs introduced me to it when both companies decided that we needed a better way of tracking employee proficiencies.

Ultimately what lead us to move forward with CreateLMS was cost as well as customer service. Other companies were hard to work with and get information and demos of product.

It was very easy to get familiar with and use the software since it is simplistic and all questions about the system have been answered without any trouble. So far, everything has gone smoothly in our partnership with CreateLMS.

hey are most likely the best learning management system we’ve used so far

Retain knowledge
Broadcast best practice
Onboard faster
Delight customers
Reduce errors
Train consistently
Train with ease
Share wisdom with ease
Enable best practice
Grow revenue
Reduce costs
Reduce wastage
Reduce errors
Increase profit
Learn from the frontline troops
Feedback is made easy
Engaged teams delight
I feel motivated
This is a great place to work
I feel LOVED
I make a difference
Reduce onboarding drag
Drive efficiency
I feel valued
I have the skills needed for my role
My boss values me
My manager helps me grow
I have this
I ❤️ my job
We are inclusive
We are respectful
When work is fun it’s not work

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